10 Tips for Proper Packing and Storage

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Preparing for a move or storing your items in a self-storage unit requires time and planning. However, with the proper supplies and packing system, you can simplify your move and make unpacking easy.

Plan Ahead

Start by gathering all the essential packing supplies, including:

  • Sturdy, corrugated cartons
  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Sealing tape
  • Marker pens
  • Furniture covers

How to Pack

It is important to consider your items, and how to best maximize space and keep items safe, before arranging and packing boxes. Here are 10 tips for properly packing your belongings:

  1. Clean and dry appliances before packing. Wrap paper or padded cushions around movable parts, and tape doors shut.
  2. Seal boxes tightly with tape to prevent dust and maintain durability.
  3. Properly cover all furniture with protective bubble wrap, covers or pads and plastic bags. Secure detachable pieces together, and mark each item to assemble later.
  4. Condense items to save space. Pack as many small items as possible within furniture and large appliances. Use similar-sized boxes to enable stacking and maximum protection.
  5. Pack heavy items in small boxes, but limit the weight to 30 pounds for easy handling. Avoid overpacking or underpacking to ensure boxes stack without collapsing.
  6. Place books flat to protect spines, and wrap each book separately with packing paper.
  7. Pad fragile items, such as dishes and mirrors with sturdy paper or bubble wrap. Wrap breakables with paper and provide cushion when stacking.
  8. Place each lamp and lampshade in individual boxes wrapped in clean paper or clothing.
  9. Hang clothes and draperies in wardrobe boxes.
  10. Group similar items together and label boxes to easily identify each item. Specify fragile pieces, and create a list of items for your reference. Organizing furniture, personal belongings and appliances with similar uses – or from the same room – will help you keep track of items.

Whether you’re moving or simply storing your belongings, don’t let packing become a drain on your time and energy. By planning ahead, packing boxes properly and staying organized, both your packing and unpacking will be smooth and efficient.

Have packing tips to add to our list? What methods work best for you? Share with us below.

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  1. Faylinn's avatar
    | Permalink
    I am leaving soon to study abroad for six months and so everything I own will be going into storage. I have a lot of books and so I really appreciate your advice to lay them flat. I had no idea that a book's spine could be damaged by standing up. However, do you think that any damage could still happen to the books while I am gone if they were put in a bookcase?
  2. Norm Kotoch's avatar
    Norm Kotoch
    | Permalink
    I’m glad you found the tips in this post helpful, Faylinn. While wrapping your books and laying them on their side can help add extra protection, your books will be just fine in your bookcase while storing them in your self-storage unit.

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