12 Resources to Help You De-Clutter in the New Year

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grounded confettiAccording to USA.gov, a top New Year’s resolution each year is to reduce, reuse and recycle. For many, the start of a new year means an opportunity to de-clutter and rethink use of items and space. 

Below, we share a few ways to reassess your storage needs, with some of our favorite blog resources to help you in the year ahead. 

1. Put Decorations Away

The holiday season officially comes to a close as you clean up the confetti from your New Year’s Eve party, and dispose of this year’s tree.

Pull down strings of lights and pack away décor for more space in each room. A few considerations as you store:

2. Make a List of the Year’s Big Moments

Will you make a big change this year? Whether it’s a new house or a new job, each comes with its own checklist of items to consider. 

Dive into these resources to help you tackle each simply: 

3. Think Through the Seasons

Each season has its own set of items to store and considerations to keep your home organized well. In preparation, read through the following resources: 

4. Assess Room Space

The simplest way to create more space is to get creative with what you already have. Take a walk through your home, and think through the setup of each in a new way. How could items shift or move to create more space in your home as a whole? 

A few blog posts to spark your creativity: 

What storage or home organization needs do you have this year? Share in the comment section below.

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