3 Reasons Your Business Should Budget for Self-Storage

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business buildingsBusinesses like yours operate to be profitable. But as more money, clients and product requests come in, additional demands soon follow. You may need to: 

  • Hire more staff.
  • Stock additional product inventory.
  • Keep track of more files and paper documents.

Any of the above could leave your business with a space issue to solve. As you outgrow your space, consider all of your options before settling on expansion as the only means to create more room.

Below, we share a few ways self-storage could be the money-saver your business needs for flexibility, and current and future growth.

1. Self-Storage Could Save Your Business Money

When your business realizes it needs more space to operate, your first thought might be to purchase more real estate—but is that your best space option? 

Commercial leases can lock you in for years to one set space size. Self-storage frees space for an income-producing employee, while offering month-to-month flexibility to upsize or downsize as your needs change, proving a better investment over time.

2. Your Business Will Have Room to Grow

Physical copies of historic files and excess offices supplies are a burden your office does not have to bear. Self-storage can hold the excess, leaving more room for your employees and the items you use each day. 

Consider the following in your list of items to store away: 

  • Back-up or excess inventory
  • Cleaning or janitorial supplies
  • Excess or unused office furniture
  • Holiday or seasonal decorations
  • Paper products and surplus office supplies
  • Seldom used files and records
  • Unused electronics

3. Additional Amenities Are Part of the Package

When you lease a self-storage unit, the unit itself is not all you receive. Self-storage facilities that care about customer service, like Security Self Storage, often add in a few bonuses to make sure your rental experience is one of unquestionable value, including: 

  • Always-ready access. Come visit your items any time you want or need them.
  • A business conference center with a phone, printer, technology adapters and more that gives your business the option to conduct business on the go.
  • Free pick-up of your items with a moving truck, including arrangements to pick up files at your place of business on a scheduled basis.
  • Premium security features, such as individual door alarms, ample lighting, 24-hour DVR service and electronic pass-code entry. 

Self-Storage for Your Business 

If self-storage sounds like it could be a fit for your Northeast Ohio business, contact us today or request at quote on any of our facilities:

How does your business benefit from self-storage? Share with us in the comment section below. 

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