3 Self-Storage Solutions for Your Out-of-State Move

Moving out-of-state can be a daunting task, but in today’s economy, the decision to move across state lines is becoming more common, particularly out of the Northeast and Great Lakes, according to an article from Forbes.

Whether personal or professional, people have their reasons for making the move, including their need to:

  • Be closer to family or a loved one.
  • Attend their top choice university.
  • Begin a new job, or career shift.

While the reasons for out-of-state moves may vary from person to person, the process will remain almost identical as each pack up and move out. The biggest difference is the distance each person’s items will travel.

As you assess your items to pack, make the items that are necessities and must make the initial move with you priority. These will be the first items on the moving truck.

Once those items are identified, you may find yourself with excess articles that aren’t needed right away, or that you may not want to keep. Below, we outline three ways self-storage can help determine what to do next as you store these items to either sell, keep long-term, or stow for a second move.

1. Store Items to Sell

While the idea to part ways with a previously cherished object might be hard for some, the decision to sell as you move can relieve you of both an item and the stress to move it.

Whether you need to move pretty quickly, or you have some time, the final sale of these items may take a while as you search for the perfect buyers.

As you post notices on Facebook and ads on Craigslist, consider moving these items out of your home and into a self-storage unit. This will keep your “for sale” items separated distinctly from your “for move” items, and provide a safe place that avoids damage during the moving process.

2. Store Items for Long-term Keep

As you pack up and assess your belongings, you may find items that you don’t necessarily want to have in your new space, but also cannot part with for one reason or another. These items may hold sentimental value, such as treasured family antiques, may be seasonal items, or may be pieces you want to keep around just in case you need them in the future. 

Regardless of reason, you may consider off-site storage as a solution to keep these items around long-term, without them taking up space in your home.

3. Store Items for a Second Move 

The need for a second move could be two-fold:

  1. You didn’t have the capacity to move all of your items at one time.
  2. You couldn’t find a permanent home right away in your new state, and need a temporary home for your belongings as you search for that final destination. 

In either case, excess items can become a huge burden. Take the weight of these items off your mind, and consider a self-storage solution until you’re ready to bring them with you.

Keep your items securely locked up in self-storage until you’re ready to begin the second (hopefully final!) round of the move.

What is your biggest challenge as you begin the process to move out-of-state? Let us know in the comment section below.


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