3 Storage Scenarios to Help Contractors Manage Daily Operations

construction site a contractor may have to manage storage items forTough deadlines, legal constraints and teamwork: it’s just your typical day on the job site. For construction workers and contractors, lots of moving parts and pieces make up the agenda, and organization is key to a successful day and project.

Keeping workers on task and safe are top priorities for any project manager. One way to better achieve this is to have only needed items on hand to remove unnecessary obstacles.

But what do you do with the items that will be needed soon, but not right now? Identify a dedicated space for storing project necessities. Below, we explore three scenarios where contractors could benefit from a secure storage space.

1. Keep Items Nearby to Meet Daily Priorities

Each day your team will be given their tasks each with their own set of instructions and needed materials. As you plan ahead on your timeline, anticipate the materials you’ll need for the coming day and week.

Store these items as close to the project site as you can. This makes a huge difference between having what you need and operations coming to a halt.

2. Store Items for Unexpected Needs

No matter how much you plan, there will always be the unforeseen:

  • Using up more products than you thought you’d need.
  • Breaking materials in the process of the build.
  • Moving slightly ahead of schedule.

Instances like this can be tough to know ahead of time, but try to anticipate possible scenarios.

Keep extra materials on hand. Should parts of the project require more, you’ll have items readily available. Similarly, if the project moves ahead of schedule, you’ll be able to keep going without a second thought.

3. Protect Against Theft 

Did you know that stolen construction equipment adds up to anywhere from $300 million to $1 billion each year in the United States?

This startling statistic showcases an unfortunate fact: construction sites are commonly targeted for theft. With so many people and materials on site, some may think the removal of a few items could go unnoticed—a board here, a nail there or a can of paint that just goes missing.

To avoid creating more work for your team, and to maximize the life of supplies, safeguard items. This may involve locking them up in a secure facility at the end of each day to protect materials and intangible assets.

Keep a stringent inventory, and take precaution to keep your items safe.

How do you manage your supply for projects and assignments? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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