3 Ways Self Storage Can Help Realtors Sell Homes

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Let’s face it – no one likes clutter, especially realtors. Having clutter in a home you’re trying to sell can distract potential buyers from all the house has to offer.

With self storage, this no longer has to be a setback. Below, we overview three benefits self storage can provide realtors when selling a home.

1. Keep Homes Clutter Free

Eliminate clutter by storing your client’s excess belongings in self storage. Start with items that may be too personal or not appealing to interested buyers, such as toys, clothing, furniture or outdoor equipment. Remember to give clients access to your storage unit so that they can retrieve their extra belongings, as needed.

2. Stage Homes with Ease

Good staging can positively affect a buyer’s decision when purchasing a home. With a self-storage facility, retailers gain more staging flexibility. With your client’s permission, store items that don’t meet the look and feel you are seeking.

For example, put furniture or décor that doesn’t match the color scheme you are targeting in your storage unit. This ensures items are safe, yet out of the way, while you set up the home for selling.

If you have your own preferred furniture, such as extra chairs, tables, couches, etc., that you like to utilize during home staging, self storage can also be of assistance. Store these pieces when they are not in use between open houses.

3. Store Business Essentials

As a realtor, you have a lot of items you need to manage, such as “for sale” signs, files and brochures. Although an important part of your business, they may not always be in use. Prevent them from getting lost, or in the way at your office, home or vehicle with self storage.

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