3 Ways to Create More Room in Your Garage this Fall

This post was originally published on September 18, 2013.

Cooler temperatures, crispness in the air, changing leaves, the smell of spice and pumpkins—fall has arrived! 

As you begin to think about all things fall and prepare for the cooler months ahead, you may find yourself facing a battle for garage space.

As the temperatures drop, summer toys, bikes, furniture piecesgrills and more may need stored in your garage. While this may be a great short-term solution, it could create long-term problems for your primary garage resident: your car

Below, we outline a few ways to clear up the clutter and create the room you need to store both your items and your vehicle.

1. Maximize Your Existing Space

The solution may reside in simply moving your items off the floor. Extra wall and ceiling space are just waiting for a little spark of creativity. 

Add cabinets and racks to your walls for additional storage space just above, or at the side, of your car. Bike hooks from the ceiling can also be great additions for storing pedal bikes out of the way. 

Keep your items organized, without compromising as much car space, with large bins stored along the back wall of your garage. 

2. Store Summer Items Until You Need Them Again

If your garage doesn’t provide that much space, and it seems that the addition of a few shelves, bins or racks can’t solve your space issues, consider storing summer items off-site

Off-site storage units can provide your items with a home until you need them again next summer. Storage can be particularly useful for larger items—patio furniture, outdoor games, bikes and grills, which will do nothing but sit and take up valuable space during winter months. 

3. Give Your Vehicle a New Home

For some, a hobby vehicle, only used on special occasions, such as a historic make or model, or an old car being worked on as a project may take up the bulk of your garage. 

Or, perhaps you own a motorcycle, boat, or another type of recreational vehicle whose time for use is drawing to a close as the seasons cool.

For these types of transporters, recreational vehicle storage can provide you with access to your items when you need them, while providing additional space in your garage when you do not. 

What seasonal summer items could you store away to create extra room in your garage this fall? Let us know in the comment section below.

Image Credit: Ambreen Hasan via Unsplash



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