4 Considerations as You Label Boxes for Self Storage

“How did I accumulate this much stuff?!?!" 

We’ve all been there. It’s time to move, and you find yourself overwhelmed with piles of items to keep, stacks of things to pitch, collections of charitable contributions, and the keepsakes and overflow that need to find a home in long-term storage.

It’s essential to stay organized. Follow the tips and techniques we outline below to make sure all items boxed for storage arrive to the proper place, in optimal condition, for easy access whenever you may need them. 

1. Pick a System

An important first step in the labeling process is to develop some way to differentiate between boxes.

Pick a system that makes sense to you, and is intuitive to others who are helping in the move. This could include labeling the boxes by color, symbols or numbers. Once you select a system, stick to it, and remember your logic for later.

2. Provide Details

Be specific in your labels. Don’t skimp on the details of what’s inside. It may add a few minutes to packing time, but it will make unpacking a breeze.

Also, label your boxes on the side, rather than the top, so it’s easier to see details when they are stacked.

3. Differentiate Between Fragile and Not Fragile Items

Boldly mark fragile items. As before, pick a system, such as colored sticky notes, duct tape, or fragile stickers, and then make sure your helping hands know the code.

4. Note the Weight

In addition to notating contents and fragility, indicate the relative weight of the box somewhere near the details. Select words easily understood by anyone, such as light, very light, heavy, and very heavy.

The benefit this will provide is two-fold:

  1. You will know the items that require extra muscle to move, which can help prevent injury.
  2. You will have a better idea of how to store your items. Place very heavy items on the bottom on your storage stack, and very light items near the top.

What labeling techniques help you keep track of your items as you store? Let us know in the comment section below.


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