4 Top Tips to Pack Boxes Like a Pro

As you begin your move, or the process to store additional items offsite, a large part of the job is packing boxes. As the cardboard amasses, your next thoughts may be, “now, what do I do?” and “what is the best way to stay organized?”

Below, we outline four tips to keep in mind as you pack your boxes for self storage.

1. Combine Like Items

When organizing for self storage, group items in a way you will remember later. Either put all identical objects together or select an overarching theme.

For example, pack items together that belong in specific rooms, solve similar problems, or complement one another.

This will ensure kitchen utensils, garden supplies, toolbox tools, etc. remain together through the move.

2. Select the Right Box, for the Right Items 

Your objects will vary in size. To allow for flexibility in the move, collect a variety of box shapes and sizes to accommodate everything you need to pack.

As you save these boxes for storage, think about your belongings. Try to know which have a box, and which will need a temporary storage home.

3. Provide Room for Protective Elements

As you pack, you will want to keep in mind that your possessions will probably not be packed as is. Account for the fact that many will need extra padding or packing materials to accompany them in the move.

As you visualize your pack, imagine these protective elements, not just the items alone. Doing so will provide you with a much more accurate count of needed boxes.

4. Play Tetris (With Your Items to Box Them)

Now it’s time for the fun part. You have your items, and you have your boxes. It’s time to fill the boxes. 

Tackle this task like Tetris. Think of your items as the pieces to envision how they best fit together. This will help you maximize space and minimize cardboard by finding unique ways to store as many items in as few boxes as possible. 

How do you tackle the task of filling boxes to move or store? Let us know in the comment section below. 


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    Eva Lennon
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    To get the success in any thins first thing we need to do is planning. Like for moving, plan which are the things you want to move with yourself. Then choose your boxes in which you can safely pack your moving items. Ideas you have shared are worth reading and are good to know. Thanks for listing it here.

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