4 Ways to Keep Outdoor Toys Organized This Summer

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organized garageIt’s that time of year again—the time for sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuits, bonfires and bike rides. Summer is coming in hot!

Summer can also mean backyards cluttered with toys as families play in the sunshine. Assemble outdoor toys in a way that keeps both your yard and garage free from clutter. Use the following tips to keep outdoor toys organized all summer long.

1. Create Shelves

Outdoor toys come in all shapes and sizes. Smaller sand toys, bubbles, chalk, trucks, water guns and even some balls are the perfect size to fit on a shelf! 

To keep these items off the floor and stored away, buy a cabinet or freestanding shelf, structure or build shelves into the garage walls. Any of these techniques will free up ground space and better organize your toy collection.

2. Store Toys In Bins 

Bins are the best way to group together similar outdoor toys. There are two different ways you can organize your bins: 

  1. Label each bin with the name of the toys inside it.
  2. Color coordinate. Select one bin color to represent a certain toy type.

For items that don’t quite fit into bins, like basketballs, soccer balls and footballs, consider storage in a hamper. 

3. Hang Bigger Items On The Wall Or Ceiling 

For some people, being a nature lover requires a lot of bulky equipment. Items like bicycles, canoes and tents can take up a lot of room in the garage. Hang or mount these larger items onto garage walls with heavy-duty hooks or studs. 

4. Store Seasonal Toys Elsewhere 

Winter toys are no longer a priority now that the warm weather has broken through! Assess your items from a seasonal perspective, and see which you can swap out of your garage and into an off-site storage unit

Create more at-home storage space. Put winter toys like sleds, snow suits and shovels away in self-storage to create room for your summer favorites.

Have outdoor toy storage techniques of your own? Share how you keep away the clutter in the comment section below. 

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