5 Household Items to Repurpose for Storage

Tangled cordsIt’s hard to keep up with all the clutter in your home. Stop spending time and money trying to organize and store magazine, cords, Tupperware containers, kitchen utensils and other household items.

Before buying storage totes, organizers or bins, take a look at what you already have on hand. Here are several examples of household items that can be repurposed to store or organize the items that are driving you crazy.

1. Toilet Paper Rolls to Corral Tangled Cords

Everyone has a collection of cords and cables that seem to go all over the place. These can be easily organized and stored using toilet paper rolls. Wind up your cords individually, use the rolls to hold each one in place, and store them neatly in a box.

2. Rake Up Your Jewelry

Does it drive you crazy to see your necklaces sitting on your dresser in clumps? The teeth from a garden rake are a clever way to hang multiple necklaces, so they don’t get tangled together. Next time the handle breaks on the rake, remove the metal portion. Clean it off (even paint it if you want), nail it to the wall, and you’re set.

3. Baby Crib Magazine Display

Do you still have your kid’s baby crib lying around? Try taking the side railings of the crib and using it to display the pile of magazines that are sitting on your desk. Paint or decorate the railing however you’d like!

4. Organize Your Files

Ever since you had your dishwasher installed, you haven’t been able to find a use for the dish drainer…until now. Put it on your computer desk, and use the drying slots to organize your file folders and bills. The utensil holder works just as well as a pen holder.

5. Get Those Lids Out of the Way

One of the biggest challenges to efficiently storing Tupperware is the lids. They just get in the way. Now that everyone streams their music instead of listening to CDs, you have a solution. Take your old wire CD holder, and organize your lids like you did with your CDs. Now you can stack the Tupperware containers the way you’re supposed to.

What tips do you have for transforming your home items into storage and organization tools? Share with us in the comment section below.

Image Source: Daniel Lobo under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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