5 Rooms to Focus on When Staging a Home to Sell

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Did you know that potential buyers are more likely to purchase a home faster and at a higher price if its rooms are tastefully staged?

Staging allows sellers to showcase each room in their home and its intended purpose. Doing so can help buyers visualize the space and its potential, making it a lucrative short-term investment for homeowners who want to sell their property quickly for more money.

Below, we share five critical rooms to focus on when staging your home for selling.

1. Living Room

The living room serves as a commonplace for families to gather and spend quality time. This space should be inviting and staged with comfort in mind.

Homeowners can stage their living room using these tactics:

  • Cluster furniture. Arrange small furniture in odd clusters of three, five or seven items to make the room appear larger.
  • Decorate with plants. Use flowers, such as orchids, small plants or succulents, to breathe life into the room.
  • Depersonalize. Remove family photos and memorabilia to enable buyers to visualize their own possessions in the space.
  • Illuminate the corners. Incorporate additional lights to ensure all corners are well lit and display the full size of the room.
  • Position mirrors. Add depth and dimension to the room by mounting a large mirror above the fireplace or on the wall.

Optimal living room staging will help potential buyers envision life in your home. Focus on making this room intimate and comfortable to increase home appeal.

2. Bedrooms

The bedroom plays an important role in a buyer’s decision. This room should be staged to appear serene and cozy, as homeowners spend a bulk of their time relaxing and sleeping in the bedroom.

The following tactics for bedroom staging add value to your home and attract buyers:

  • Neutral colors. Paint walls with light colors, such as white, beige or gray, for added elegance and sophistication.
  • Limited furniture. Remove excess furniture to make the room appear more spacious.
  • A dressed bed. Make the bed with linens that match the color scheme of the room.
  • Tasteful art. Hang one or two pieces of artwork to add color and character to the room.

It’s also important to stage storage space in your bedroom, such as your closet, to show how every space in your home can be utilized.   

3. Kitchen and Dining Room

Many homebuyers value a spacious kitchen with ample room to cook, clean and store food. While renovations can be time consuming and expensive, staging is a great way to spruce the space up for sale (without breaking the bank).

For optimal kitchen and dining room staging, consider the following: 

  • Add a centerpiece. Decorate the kitchen table with a visually appealing centerpiece, such as flowers or a fruit bowl.
  • Organize countertops. Limit the number of appliances to two or three (e.g., coffee maker, toaster and microwave).
  • Place a vase or cookbook on the counter. Stage the kitchen with home goods to help buyers envision what the room would look like should they purchase the house.

4. Bathroom

Potential buyers will most likely take a glance into your bathrooms. Sellers can make a quick impression by decluttering and staging their bathroom to appear tidy and clean.

A few quick ways to stage your restroom for showing, include: 

  • Add an air freshener.
  • Clear out personal items and toiletries.
  • Display a few decorative towels.
  • Remove any mold or grime from walls and shower.
  • Replace outdated or peeling wallpaper or tiles. 

5. Multi-Purpose Room

Rooms used to store miscellaneous items can be repurposed and staged to demonstrate how every area in your home can be used. Even if the buyer plans on using the room for something else, staging gives each room a purpose and adds value to the home and for the buyer.

Home sellers can repurpose a room to serve as any of the following:

  • Entertainment room.
  • Guest bedroom.
  • Reading nook.
  • Study or office.
  • Yoga studio.

Utilize a Self-Storage Unit

Buyers are more interested in purchasing homes that are clutter-free and staged neatly.

Self-storage units provide additional space for homeowners to store excess furniture, appliances and personal belongings while selling their home.

Sellers should consider a self-storage facility that offers the following amenities:

  • Various unit sizes to accommodate each seller’s individual needs.
  • Climate-controlled units to maintain the integrity of metal, wood or leather furniture or appliances and clothing. 
  • Secured units to safeguard valuables and keepsakes (e.g., family photos or large furniture).

Focus your attention on staging these rooms to create a welcoming and comfortable environment for potential homebuyers. Your home is likely to sell faster and for a higher price after you have cleared out excess possessions and properly staged each room.

Which rooms do you believe are most important to stage for quick selling? Share in the comment section below!

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