5 Tips to Pack a Better Suitcase

suitcasesPacking for a holiday trip can be stressful. 

In addition to packing all of your essential items, you might need to make room for some gifts as well! Avoid cramming and jamming items in at the last second with a bit of proactive preparation.

The five tips shared below can help you fit everything you need into your suitcase before you hit the road.

1. Roll Up Your Clothes 

Before you place a single item into your suitcase, tightly roll up your softer clothing items such as T-shirts, underwear, and pajamas. This will allow for more room for the rest of your items and help reduce wrinkles. 

2. Stuff Your Shoes

Fill hollow areas of shoes with smaller miscellaneous items such as electronic chargers and jewelry. 

This frees up excess space throughout your suitcase and can also lock items into place to avoid loss or damage during your journey.

3. Travel Size Your Favorite Products

Downsize your favorite products. Purchase travel-sized containers to take only what you need. Assure your items are secure and in good condition upon arrival by placing in either a cloth or plastic bag inside your suitcase. 

4. Create Even Layers 

Treat your suitcase like a layered cake. Make each layer evenly stacked and arranged so all of your items will fit together well as a whole. 

Begin with rolled clothing items and shoes. To arrange, place shoes on their sides next to your rolled clothes and fill gaps with socks. 

Then, layer in heavier items, like longer skirts or jeans. Place personal or fragile items, like electronics, toiletries or your gifts, toward the top. Assure the remainder of your content surrounds them to create protection. 

5. Bring Only The Necessities  

Since you may have to pack more than usual around the holidays, it’s important to be as selective as possible. Cut down on excessive items to allow more room for those that you cannot be without. For example, stick to the clothing that you know you are going to wear, and layer up if possible for your journey. 

In short: Keep your packing simple, and you will have one less item on your to-do list to stress about this holiday season!

Do you have suitcase packing tips of your own? Share with us in the comment section below.

Image Source: Les Haines under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic 


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