5 Tips to Pack the Perfect Storage Bin

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legos stored in a binPacking the perfect storage bin is an art. Carefully loaded bins keep you organized and help you easily find belongings when you need them most. Don’t be left asking yourself where you put certain items later. Avoid the headaches by using the tips that follow to perfectly place your items.

1. Pack Similar Content Together

Organization rule number one is to store like with like. Throwing a collection of mismatched items together just leads to confusion later.

Group like items in piles ahead of time—for example, items that all fit under a specific category or are for a particular room—and place in one bin together.

2. Plot Out Before You Place

Just as you do not want to haphazardly throw mismatched items into one bin, you’ll want to also avoid placing like items together in a bin without purpose. This can make items equally hard to find later on. Look at your piles, and ask yourself:

  • How can I make the best use of this space?
  • How can I store the most items strategically?
  • Can items fit inside one another to increase storage capacity?
  • Which configuration will make the most sense to me months or years from now?

3. Give Fragile Items Added Protection

Special considerations will need to be made for fragile items. Before placing them into your bin, add packing peanuts, bubble wrap and/or any other additional protective layers to protect the item from breaking in the bin.

4. Be Cognizant of Weight

While the items you place into a bin might weigh little separately, collectively you could be in for a surprise! When items add up, the weight could make the bin too heavy to lift or store anywhere but the bottom floor of your unit.

Strive to keep bins less than 10 pounds so that you, or anyone else, can move and store them without breaking your back!

5. Label the Outside of the Bin

When sealed shut, bins will probably look a lot alike. Invest in labels that you can place on the outside to help you identify contents later. Be as detailed as possible in your description, and note the bin’s entire contents or overarching category, such as “old CDs,” “childhood toys,” or “excess kitchen supplies.”

Give yourself enough present-day clues to avoid future mysteries.

What tips and tricks do you have for packing the perfect storage bin? Share with us in the comment section below.

Image Source: Windell Oskay under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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