6 Ways To Keep Jewelry Organized

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organized jewelryRemember the necklace you wore for that special occasion? What about the matching earrings? Most importantly, do you know where they are now? With how frequently we cycle through jewelry, it can seem like pieces are always going missing. Or it can be easy to forget how much jewelry we own, and soon it all starts to pile up.

Keep your jewelry collection clutter-free and organized with these six tips. 

1. Gather Jewelry In One Place 

Sometimes, jewelry can seemingly have a mind of its own. It likes to disappear, or appear in places we would never expect. To organize your jewelry, track it all down first. Gather every piece you own, new and old, together. Having it all in front of you will give you the best perspective on possible storage needs. 

2. Categorize

An easy way to get into trouble is by throwing all your jewelry into one big pile, causing a tangled mess. Instead, sort your jewelry into categories, such as: 

  • Bracelets.
  • Earrings.
  • Necklaces.
  • Rings.
  • Costume vs. dressy.
  • Gold vs. silver.

Keep your jewelry systemized to stay organized and aware of where every piece is kept.

4. Toss, Keep or Sell 

As you sift through the jewelry, you might come across pieces you don’t remember owning. Now is a perfect chance to trash, donate or sell items you haven’t worn in a long time. In particular, look for items that are broken or tarnished. These should definitely be thrown away. Items that are inexpensive or have missing parts should be dealt with properly. If a piece can be easily fixed, determine the value of keeping it.

5. Create An Organization System 

This is where creativity comes in! There are so many different ways to keep your jewelry organized. You have the option to buy already designed systems, or create your own. Here are four ways to keep your jewelry from tangling: 

  1. Drawers. Drawer organizers are usually equipped with compartments and slots to easily sort your jewelry into categories. Felt drawers keep jewelry from sliding around and getting tangled.
  2. Trays. This organization system requires a little work. Display jewelry how you like on the tray, and make a potential messy situation look well kept.
  3. Stands. If you have room on top of your dresser or bathroom counter, a jewelry stand is a great way to display your trinkets.
  4. Wall pieces. Using your jewelry to cover empty wall space is a cheap way to decorate. Display your jewelry as artwork.

Because there are so many ways to show your beautiful pieces, here are a few sites that offer more options:

5. Keep Jewelry In The Right Places

Jewelry has different meanings and value. Some pieces you wear on a daily or weekly basis, others only on special occasions or with certain outfits. Some you might never wear, but keep for sentimental reasons. 

Store jewelry based on its use. Keep frequently worn pieces in your bathroom or on your nightstand. Jewelry worn less often can be stored in closets or dresser drawers. For heirloom pieces that you don’t wear, consider placing them in a self-storage unit. Stored in climate-controlled rooms, self-storage guarantees items to last.

A final tip to keeping your jewelry organized: maintain everything in its place. After wearing the jewelry, put it back where you got it. This will sustain your organization system and prevent items from getting lost. 

How do you keep your jewelry organized? Share with us in the comment section below. 

Image Source: Lindsay via Flickr Creative Commons


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