9 Ways to Re-Organize Your Closet for Fall and Winter

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This post was originally published on September 30, 2014.

A change in temperature means a change in wardrobe. As you bring out your cozy sweaters and layered looks, it could be the perfect time to rethink and reorder your closet for maximum storage. Below we share nine ways to store more in less space. 

1. Group Clothing to Keep, Donate or Store

Look at what’s in your closet right now. There’s probably a good chance that you do not wear or want everything you have. For each piece of clothing, ask yourself:

  • Do I want to keep this handy?
  • Do I want to donate this to a friend or Goodwill?
  • Do I want to hold on to it in self-storage unit?

Move through your closet with these questions in mind, separating items into three piles: keep, donate and store. 

2. Store Summer Clothes and Colors

Some clothing items in your self storage pile may contain the vibrant hues of summer. Cheery colors like bright pink, yellow and blue are a hit in the summer. However, they are likely too loud for fall and winter, which favor subdued tones like auburn, dark yellow, black, navy, maroon and olive. 

Free up space by keeping summer styles out of your closet.

3. Create Stairs for Shoes to Climb

Don’t let shoes simply collect on the floor. This can make finding the perfect pair a total nightmare. Instead, invest in shelves or tiered platforms to keep them organized and in view. Group like shoes together to find just what you want faster.  

4. Organize Similar Socks and Stockings 

Particularly for women, sock length and stocking preferences often vary by shoe type. To make getting ready easier, store similar sock and stocking types together in dedicated bins. Place these bins near the shoes they complement to grab and go with ease. 

5. Install Bins or Shelves for Accessories 

In addition to bins for socks, consider using shelves or bins to hold purses, umbrellas and other accessory essentials. Ensure you are labeling bins or boxes correctly so you can easily find your items when you need them.

6. Hang Hats and Scarfs 

Depending on the size of your closet, walls and the back of the closet door can be prime real estate for additional storage space. Install hooks to hang accessories like hats, belts and scarves. This keeps them off the floor and readily available when you need them.  

7. Order Shirts With a Plan

If it’s difficult to find exactly what you need, your closet may need reorganizing. Make it easy on yourself! Knowing exactly where pieces reside can be a huge value-add. Consider ordering items by sleeve length, weight or color. This allows you to style and layer in a breeze.

8. Collect Coats In Their Own Dedicated Section

Coats are often the heaviest pieces you own. Separate them from the rest of your clothing, and store in a dedicated section or separate closet. This way, they won’t overtake your space or cram your outfits, and they are quick to grab as you leave. 

9. Leave Space for New Arrivals  

For many of us, the crispness in the air and approaching holiday cheer mean new clothing will be added to our collections soon. Whether purchases, holiday gifts or borrowed items, set aside some space to mix in the new with the old.  

Is your closet in need of a revamp? How could you store more in the same amount of closet space? Share your tips and tricks in the comment section below. 

Image Source: Annie Spratt via UnSplash


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