Apartment Storage: 4 Situations for Self-Storage

Whether it’s an easy walk to work, budget-friendly, or a living space with less of a commitment (house mortgages stick around a while!), apartments are often purchased out of convenience. But what do you do when this perfect solution becomes a temporary hassle?

Below, we outline a few life changes that may necessitate the need for a self-storage unit to keep the convenience of an apartment in check. 

Situation 1: School’s Out for Summer

There are certain life situations where you may not need your apartment for a short period of time. For example, many college students sign yearlong apartment leases in order to have a place to stay during the school year. This leaves them with a decision to make when summer comes—either stay during the summer months, or move back home and sublease to another student.

Should they choose to sublet, they fall into the same predicament as their partial-year lease friends of where to keep their belongings when spring semester ends. Some students pack everything back up, but others may want to keep their items on campus in offsite storage to avoid the extra haul when school returns.

Situation 2: Moving On Up

Gone are the days of living in the same home your entire life. Today, people move on a fairly regular basis. This is especially true early on in life when individuals move from rental property to rental property as they save for their first home purchases.

Whether it’s a move to a new apartment or a move into your first home, you may find yourself temporary homeless if lease or mortgage terms don’t line up just right.

While your family and friends may welcome you in with open arms as a temporary houseguest, they may not be so friendly about all of your belongings. Consider a self-storage unit solution until move-in day.

Situation 3: Work, Life Balance—Professional Life Accommodations 

Finding balance between work and personal life can be a struggle. 

This is especially true for jobs like real-estate agents and outside sales representatives, which often require professionals to house equipment or tools in their residences. This may include signs, staging furniture and other miscellaneous objects that go along with the job.

With such little room to spare in an apartment, these items can become even more bothersome. Instead of keeping them around the apartment, free up some of your closet space and store away these constant work reminders for just when you need them.

Situation 4: A Place for Your Ride

With some apartment complexes that forbid on-site storage for recreational vehicles, including motorcycles, you may be faced with a dilemma. 

Keep your apartment lease, and your ride, with off-site recreational vehicle storage unit options.

These units can come in a variety of sizes to fit cars, trucks, boats, RVs, and more, for use to meet terms of lease or to store during winter months to prevent damage.

Is your life leaving room for a self-storage need? Let us know in the comment section below, or give us a call at 440-720-4066 for a custom quote!


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