Apartment Storage: Solutions to Make the Most of Your Space

Living in a small space like an apartment or dorm room can be tough, especially when storage is limited. But, with the right tips, you can make awkward areas work to your advantage, and let your creativity take over.

No matter the size of your living area, consider these space-saving solutions to maximize the room you have.

Apartment Storage Solutions

1. Create an Entryway

One of the main areas of an apartment that can feel cramped and cluttered is an entryway. And, since it’s the first place you see when you walk in, you want it to remain tidy, which can be difficult if you let your stuff take over. If you don’t have a closet by your door, here’s how to create one to manage the mess.

  • Hang hooks on a bare wall for coats, purses, dog leashes and umbrellas.
  • Use a cheap bench or bookshelf underneath as a seat for putting on / taking off shoes.
  • Add a couple of small baskets or drawers to keep other items like sunglasses, accessories, gloves and scarves.

2. Use Baskets and Boxes

Another way to reduce clutter, and find homes for random items around the house is by using decorative boxes and baskets. Even if you places baskets on the floor, you’re still keeping items organized, and in a fashionable way. For example:

  • Keep a fashionable hamper by your couch for easy blanket or linen storage.
  • Use boxes that match your decor to stash everyday items like magazines and newspapers, toys or crafts.
  • Maximize valuable closet or cabinet space in your bathroom by keeping rolled or folded towels in a decorative basket.

3. Shelve It Up

Don’t be afraid to add shelves to your apartment. It’s important to check with a landlord first, but shelving is extremely useful, and can usually be installed and taken down in a quick manner. And, they’re handy in any room:

  • Add shelves on empty kitchen walls to create display areas for cookbooks, decorative glassware, and pantry essentials.
  • Use wall-mountable racks on bathroom walls to get everyday products and toiletries off of the counter.
  • Hang them in bedrooms to hold books, jewelry, accessories and more.

Stay Sane with Self Storage

Even with some great storage and organization tips and tricks, you’ll always have some items that you just can’t find a place for, or fit in your current space. Play up the features that your apartment has to offer. Then, choose to store larger pieces of furniture, kitchenware, extra clothes or items that you just don’t need to access that often at a nearby self storage facility. By doing so, you’ll keep your living space clean and organized, and gain peace of mind.

Do you live in a space with limited storage? How do you stay organized?


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