Boat Storage: Tips to Prepare for Cooler Temperatures

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boat in need of a self-storage solutionWith the dwindling of the temperature, fishing season is coming to a close—well, unless ice fishing happens to be your forté.

This means that the vehicles you use to explore your local waterways, and make that next big catch, will need to be stored away until warmer temperatures return.

Below are considerations to prepare your marine vessel for its temporary service leave.

Conduct a Thorough Inspection

Take your boat out for one last grand adventure and make mental notes along the way. How is it traveling? What measures could be taken to get it into true peak performance?

Once identified, take steps to make corrections prior to storing. You’ll want to store your boat in its most pristine condition to avoid conditions worsening in idle mode.

Give it a Clean

Give both the interior and exterior of the boat a good clean. This includes removing any belongings, such as blankets, bins and fishing equipment.  

Pay Attention to Fuel and Liquid Levels

As with other recreational vehicles, fill up your fuel tank, and replace oils and liquids that can break down over too much time. Also, replace filters, and drain water tanks and heaters. If storing outdoors, consider coating in-take lines with anti-freeze to help them weather the storm.

Remove Electronic Devices

Fully charge and then remove battery packs and other electronic devices from your boat. You’ll want to store these items away separately, as they require different storage conditions than the rest of the ship. 

Find a Location To Store

If you hope to keep all parts and pieces of the ship together, choosing a climate-controlled storage unit will be your best bet. In these types of units, you will be provided the temperature and humidity level needed to keep every item stored safely, regardless of the breeze or blizzard happening outside. 

Marina storage is an alternate option, but can become costly during winter months, and keeps your boat subject to the elements.

Wherever you decide to store, it will most likely have to be off-site, as many city ordinances and homeowners’ associations request that boats be kept off residential driveways.

Look for a place that has the requirements you need and the security you value to keep your boat ready for sail in the spring.

Are you storing your boat away for the winter? What tips would you add to this list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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    Kendall Everett
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    I loved your tip to clean the boat in preparation for the storing season. Making sure the boat is clean will help ensure it is well maintained even when not in use. Taking it to a boat storage facility that is easily accessible would be helpful when it becomes boating season again.
  2. Norm Kotoch's avatar
    Norm Kotoch
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    I'm so glad you enjoyed this post, Kendall! A self-storage unit is an affordable and practical way to ensure your boat is well maintained, even during the off-season.

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