Business Storage: Prepare Your Patio for Winter Weather

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It’s that time of the year again. The leaves have all fallen off the trees, and the temperature has dropped. Patio season at your restaurant is over, and you need to store your outdoor items.

Here are four tips to remember as you prepare your patio for the winter.

1. Clean Patio Furniture Before Storing 

Cleaning your patio furniture before you utilize a storage unit is the first step in protecting your outdoor pieces. Dirt and moisture left on patio furniture can cause mold or mildew in the winter months and leave furniture in bad shape.

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2. Apply a Protective Coating

Consider applying a protective coating to your patio furniture to prolong longevity before storing. Use a thin layer of car wax to protect plastic and aluminum pieces and paste wax for wicker furniture.

If protecting metal furniture, check the piece for signs of rust, and remove it with a wire brush. Spray the metal furniture with a silicone sealant for maximum protection.

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3. Cover Furniture For Storage

Once you’ve cleaned and protected your patio furniture, put a furniture cover over it. Where you store your furniture will dictate the best cover type to use: polyester, UV resistant or waterproof.

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4. Eliminate Clutter From Seasonal Items

Storing your patio furniture protects your items while eliminating business clutter. In addition to patio furniture, other seasonal items you may want to move into a climate-controlled unit include:

  • Benches
  • Fire pits and fire pit covers
  • Grills
  • Lounge chairs
  • Outdoor heaters
  • Seat cushions
  • Tables
  • Umbrellas

We know how much your customers love enjoying the patio on nice days. Don’t let bad weather ruin your outdoor items. Follow these simple tips and keep your business’s patio furniture safe during the winter.

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