Self Storage for Business: Storing Extra Supplies and Inventory

Excess Business Supplies and Inventory

In a previous post, we discussed the reasons businesses should consider utilizing an offsite self-storage facility to streamline office organization and improve the bottom line.

One the greatest benefits of self storage for businesses lacking space is to reduce clutter. In return, you’ll be able to maximize productive workspace and eliminate the need to invest in office expansion. This includes moving excess supplies and inventory offsite until needed.

Items Appropriate for Self Storage

When deciding what to store in a self-storage unit, consider the items you use regularly or consume quickly, versus items that typically remain unused for long periods of time. Infrequently used items are ideal candidates for self storage.

Materials appropriate for offsite storage could include:

  • Cleaning or janitorial supplies
  • Holiday and seasonal decorations
  • Paper products and office supplies
  • Unused electronics
  • Surplus inventory

Self Storage Benefits

Businesses with smaller office space or lack of storage areas are often forced to store items in random areas throughout the office, without the ability to establish a logical system to easily retrieve items when needed.

By using a self storage unit specifically for supplies and inventory, you can organize your supplies and inventory in a manner that works for your business. Check out the following blog posts on self storage organization:

In addition, the added benefit of climate control can help to protect your items over time. When storing paper products, electronics, decorations and inventory in a conventional office storage room or closet, you can expose the materials to temperature fluctuations and humidity. Utilize a climate-controlled storage unit to help ensure that your items are in their original condition when you’re ready to use them.

Your Thoughts

As businesses evolve and look for ways to save time, space and money, self storage can become a viable solution for a variety of business needs. How do you currently address the issue of excess supplies and inventory with limited space? Is self storage part of your business plan?

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