Cold Weather Storage Checklist: Keep Summer Items Safe

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If you love warm weather, transitioning into the colder months can be hard. But, storing your summer gear shouldn’t be. Investing in a storage unit is a great way to keep your golf clubs or gardening equipment safe during the winter.

Follow this checklist to easily identify summer items for storage.

Why Should You Store Your Summer Items?

Your summer items are no match for cold weather. Sun chairs can clutter your patio, inflatable pool toys can pop, and garden tools can rust. Before your home becomes cluttered with seasonal items, consider investing in a storage unit

Storage units are a great way to organize your seasonal items and prevent them from piling up in your garage, backyard or basementSelf-storage units provide a variety of benefits including:

What Seasonal Items Should I Store?

Maybe you already have a storage unit, but you’re wondering what to store. Follow this checklist to ensure you don’t leave anything out in the cold this season:

Are you looking to store summer items during the winter months? Visit our Ohio Storage Facilities page to check out our three locations. We offer flexible storing options with no long-term contracts. Call one of our storage experts today!

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