Community Spotlight: Lake Catholic High School

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Private schools take pride in promoting the growth and development of students through academic excellence, personal achievement and community involvement.

Lake Catholic High School offers a religious based, co-educational college preparatory curriculum that inspires students to grow into men and women of service and high integrity.

These values are embodied by the students, faculty and staff through daily interactions and demonstrate what it means to participate in a truly unique Catholic experience.

Continue reading for an interview with Anthony DiGeronimo, Giving Programs Coordinator and Ivica Miljak, ’12 Advancement Assistant to learn more about what makes this school so unique.

Q: What differentiates Lake Catholic High School’s campus from other private schools?

A: Lake Catholic has a variety of recently renovated facilities that differentiates our campus from other private schools. These facilities include:

Q: How does the hosting of international students help to create diversity and global perspective within the community?

A: The presence of a diverse group of international students gives all faculty, staff, and students the opportunity to cultivate enriching global perspectives. By interacting and working with peers of various backgrounds, students can participate in a dynamic learning experience that allows them to view course material through a wide array of cultural lenses. These relationships have resulted in the creation of several new academic clubs, as well as the enrichment of our existing student organizations.

Q: Do you offer community engagement opportunities for students?

A: Lake Catholic encourages students to take their learning beyond the classroom by offering an extensive array of service opportunities, through which students can be enriched personally, spiritually and academically.

Our minimum service requirements help students to fulfill our Catholic mission, strengthening their desire to excel not only in the classroom but also in their greater communities through learning, working and growing in their faith. These service initiatives align with the core values and mission of Lake Catholic, motivating students to give back and cultivating attitudes of respect and compassion.

Q: What academic offerings help students excel most?

A: The various academic offerings at Lake Catholic help students to thrive and represent our commitment to excellence. Students have the opportunity to enroll in their choice of thirty-two honors and AP courses and five world languages. Additionally, award-winning science and fine arts departments provide students with a truly individualized learning experience that inspires them to apply their skills in realistic environments that promote creativity.

Q: How do you promote students’ personal and professional growth? What role does your faculty play in this?

A: Lake Catholic exemplifies a commitment to excellence that is demonstrated by our faculty. Continual improvement to classrooms and facilities allows students to spend time applying their learning in real-world environments and scenarios. Every day, students can be seen working in the garden or Vivarium as part of their science curriculum, or making transactions at the Cougar Branch of the Cardinal Community Credit Union to learn financial literacy. All of this results in a dynamic and powerful experience that prepares students to engage in their communities and readies them for their post-secondary endeavors.

Q: Are there any alumni-led initiatives that support the school and community?

A: Through philanthropy and service, our alumni lead several initiatives that support the Lake Catholic community. In addition to organizing events, such as the alumni basketball tournament, our alumni make generous contributions to support constant classroom improvements, endowment and tuition assistance funds.

Alumni are eager to give back to the Lake Catholic community by hosting students for service opportunities like Turkey Day or end-of-year internship projects through which seniors gain invaluable professional experience.

Lake Catholic provides a challenging academic curriculum coupled with state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology and a plethora of student organizations. These resources and core values enable students to exhibit their creative and athletic talents resulting in a tailor-made experience that helps bring out the best in each student.

Would you like to learn more about the unique offerings at Lake Catholic High School? Visit the LCHS website for more information


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