Create and Store: Develop a Dynamic Storefront Window Display

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store decorations for seasonal displayFor retailers, your storefront is your canvas. It is where you create a visual representation of your business, inviting customers to view the items you have for sale.

The display’s effectiveness impacts your ability to draw customers in, calls upon a certain level of creativity and draws on a distinct knowledge of who you are as a business. Displays should represent at a glance what customers can expect inside.

While coming up with an idea can be the biggest challenge, holidays or season changes provide excuses to tap into something recognizable, heart-warming and eye-catching that carries instant notoriety.

How will you make your display stand out from the crowd? 

Plan it Out: Select a Unique Theme, and Make a List

The first step to determine your design will be to determine your idea. What do you want your customers to take away from the display?

Give yourself liberty to get creative, and don’t be afraid think outside of the box (no pun intended!). Make sure the theme you select has a tie to what you sell.

Once you have determined the story you want to tell with your space, make a list of the materials you will need for it to come to life. 

Gather Supplies: Choose Eye-catching Items

With your concept in mind, and a list of supplies, next figure out how to make your display truly dynamic. Select items that will pop from a distance. This could mean: 

  • Bold colors
  • Intriguing patterns
  • Interesting shapes or object sizes

As you plan, keep it simple. Choose complementary elements. Avoid too many varied colors and design elements, which could turn your eye-catching display into an eyesore. 

Put It All Together: Make Your Vision Come to Life

Supplies in hand, all that’s left is to put it all together! 

You may want to place items into your display outside of business hours. This allows time with just you and the display—free of customer distraction.

Once all elements are in place, take a walk and look at it from different angles and varied viewpoints. How does it look? Has your concept come to life, or does it fall flat, in need of a revision?

Take the time to assess, and make adjustments, as needed.

Store for Next Year, or a Future Season’s Display

Your display, like your retail inventory, can change throughout the year. As you plan additional displays for new holidays, seasons or promotions, you may find yourself with a variety of items leftover from previous ones.

Don’t let those go to waste! You never know when you may come up with an idea that fits perfectly with that item you’re about to discard.

Consider storing these items in self-storage until you can use them for your next creative concept.

How do you maintain your storefront’s design? Will you give it a refresh for the holidays or a change in season? Share the window display creations you’re most proud of in the comment section below.

Image Source: Monica Arellano-Ongpin under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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