Crocker Park Fuels Economic Growth for Westlake, Ohio

Crocker Park Expansion Security Self StorageWestlake, Ohio has seen an upward trend of economic growth in the past 18 months. Much of this growth is due to the expansion of Crocker Park – a center for great food, shopping and housing.

Below we outline how this expansion provides increased business and residential opportunities for Westlake.  

The History of Crocker Park

Crocker Park, which opened in November 2004, is the largest development project in Westlake’s history. The project was broken into three separate phases:

  • Phase One: Upon its grand opening, Crocker Park included 1.6 million square feet of housing, office, restaurant and retail space.
  • Phase Two: This phase included the addition of several new stores opened, such as DSW, Charles Scott and Apple.
  • Phase Three: The third phase, is a $400 million project that is still underway. It includes the addition of American Greetings Creative Studios, Equity Trust, Hyatt Place and more than 300 apartments.

Bob Stark of Stark Enterprises, co-developer of Crocker Park, envisions more office space growth in the future. He’d like to add a 100,000-square-foot rental building after 2016.  

How Crocker Park Is Impacting the City of Westlake

Mayor Dennis Clough stated in the Villager Newspaper that his mission continues to be improving the quality of life for Westlake citizens. Crocker Park’s development helps by providing an appealing environment for Westlake citizens. It also contributes in the following ways:

Proud Members of Westlake

Security Self Storage is proud to be a member of the Westlake community. Security Self Storage President Norm Kotoch is enthusiastic about the evolution of the city. He looks forward to moving in cohesion with Westlake’s growth and Crocker Park’s expansion.

“We are excited about the growth of Crocker Park and the addition of American Greetings’ Headquarters,” stated Kotoch. “Our facility has a large number of commercial customers from Crocker Park. As Crocker Park expands, so does our client base.”

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Image source: Didgeman via Pixabay


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