Customer Service Spotlight: The Importance of Appearances

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self-storage in Westlake OhioOn November 12, 2013, The Wall Street Journal covered a story on the self-storage industry: Storage Sector Primps for Uptown Approval—Landlords Are Disguising Facilities in Effort to Expand.

 In the article, author Robbie Whelan (@RWhelanWSJ) shared a few insights into the current state of the self-storage industry, as well as where business strategies may take facility appearances: 

  • The self-storage industry is seeing a growth spurt.
  • Landlords look to change perceptions by working with local zoning boards to create facilities that are more aesthetically pleasing—more like business buildings and less like warehouses.
  • Analysts fear community distaste for warehouses could harm the industry’s ability to expand.
  • The sector’s business strategy is beginning to interest investors.

Appearance updates appear to be moving in a positive direction for businesses across the nation. Yet, at Security Self Storage, we’ve always felt strongly about the image of our facilities—for reasons beyond our own bottom line. Below, we explain how our facilities were designed with you, the customer, in mind.

The Importance of a Good First Impression

Scenario: You have a self-storage need and begin to explore your options. You get in your car and drive up to Facility #1.

At least subconsciously, you begin to make judgments:

  • How does the place look?
  • Is it neat, clean and tidy, or messy and un-kept?
  • Is it in a safe area?
  • Would I be comfortable storing my belongings here?

As these thoughts enter your mind, you’ll either be immediately impressed, enter into sales discussions with doubt, or turn around and not walk in at all.

The first impression can be everything, and we want you to be wowed.

The Importance of You

Security Self Storage’s top priority is and always will be the customer. We understand that the way our facilities look is a part of our overall customer experience.

Safe and clean facilities are not only positive for your belongings to help keep them in prime condition, but can also alter how you feel about storing with a company.

Clean, tidy and well kept can equate to a certain level of professionalism that gives you increased peace of mind and greater trust in a company’s business operations. 

Non-warehouse-like buildings also foster more aesthetic neighborhoods for cleaner looking communities that bring your home higher property values.

A Special Thank You

Keeping you in mind, we wanted to take this opportunity during the holiday season to say thank you to our current, past and future customers.

We hope the season has been filled with joy so far, and that great times with family and friends are ahead.

Have you been to one of our facilities and have a suggestion for improvement? How do storefront appearances impact your loyalty to a company or brand? Let us know in the comment section below.


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    True, more and more are investing in self-storage. The convenience it brings is just unparalleled. The first impression/judgments are perfect. Almost exactly the questions I ask when exploring my options.

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