Essential Items for Your Move to Self Storage (or a New Home) [Downloadable Checklist]

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The moving process can take a lot out of you. With so many items to remember for a successful move, we understand it’s easy to become forgetful. Lists can be incredibly helpful to combat this memory gap, which is why we’ve compiled a checklist for you of the essential items you may need to get started.  

Packing Supplies 

First, you will need boxes, and lots of them. Be sure to get large, medium and small boxes, as well as boxes of various shapes to accommodate the various dimensions of your belongings.

Once your items are in the box, you will need additional materials, such as packing peanuts, to pack with your items to keep them safe.

You will also need packing tape to securely close your materials in the box, and markers to label your boxes.

Invest in Items that Make the Move Easier

As you prepare your items for their upcoming trip, there are materials you can purchase that will make the move much easier. These include:

  • Plastic furniture covers and mattress bags to help keep away dust.
  • Furniture gliders or sliders to move larger pieces with ease.
  • Glass and dish packers to help keep fragile kitchen items in their places.
  • Bubble wrap to protect your breakables.

Necessities for the Physical Move

Once all items are safe, secure, and ready for their journey to a new world, all that is left to consider is transportation and labor.

Dependent on what you are moving, you may need to rent a moving truck. As a reminder, we do offer a free valet moving truck service, upon request, to our Security Self Storage units.

You may choose to load this truck yourself, or acquire a few movers to help you out. These people could be friends, family or paid labor helpers.

Once you have your team assembled, and supplies gathered, all that's left is to pack and move.

Good luck!

Your Downloadable Checklist

Click the link below to download your checklist, which includes all of the items mentioned above.

Download Your Checklist

In need of a few items, but not sure where you can purchase them? Security Self Storage sells many of the items you will need at discounted prices. Visit any of our facilities to purchase many of these common moving and packing supplies.

Are there any essential items you would add to our list? Let us know in the comment section below, and we’ll update the checklist regularly.

*Please note Sharpie is in no way affiliated with Security Self Storage.


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    To make a To-Do-Checklist is a good idea. It will reduce packing time and you will ensure which one is packed and which one is remains. Nice post and Informative as well!
  2. Quennie Anderson's avatar
    Quennie Anderson
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    When I moved last year from Dallas to Houston, I really did bought packing supplies. I asked my friends and family to help me pack my things. It is really fun to just ask help than hire people to do everything.

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