Family Business Done Right: Security Self Storage

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Smart Business Family Business Achievement Awards

Left to Right: Norman Kotoch Jr., Mark Kotoch, Karen Kosek, Connie Kotoch, Gregory Kotoch and
Norman Kotoch Sr.

Successful family businesses have a strong commitment to quality and customer service while treating employees like family. Some very recognizable businesses are family-owned, such as Harley-Davidson, U-Haul, Carnival Cruise Lines, Forbes, Inc., etc.

Smart Business (@SmartBiz_NEOH) recently recognized the 2015 Family Business Achievement Award honorees in Cleveland. Honorees demonstrate a strong commitment to business and family, and are engaged in innovative practices.

Security Self Storage’s inclusion in this group (read the Smart Business write up here) is no surprise to its customers or partners. The Kotoch family has owned and operated Security Self Storage for more than 30 years, while providing the highest quality storage units and customer service to Northeast Ohio.

Connie Kotoch and Norm Kotoch, Sr. founded the company in 1983, with Norm Kotoch, Jr. coming on board in 1997 and quickly moving into the role of president. Norm is also joined by his two brothers, son and daughter.

"It was an honor to be recognized by Smart Business Magazine especially given the quality of the other companies we shared the honor with.” said Norm Kotoch, Jr. “Our customers may not be family, but we always treat them like they are."

Security Self Storage strives to treat all employees, customers and business partners with the same respect and care that you would a family member.

Are you a member of the Security Self Storage family? Share your experiences with us in the comments below.

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    Cindy Munz
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    Very disappointed in you. Got a rate hike after moving stuff in less than 4 months later. Now we just got a letter of another rate hike. Started pricing other places. You are 2 1/2 times higher than all the other storage facilities. I will be leaving you and plan on never coming back. I felt loyalty to you as my son went to LC with your son but your prices are killing me. Forget you will be leaving as soon as I can get another unit. You cost me an extra $100 month for over a year!
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    Dan Celjan
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    Store your items. Get a storage space in Toronto.

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