Five Steps to Manage Your Self-Storage Unit

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When preparing to move into your self-storage unit, it’s important to establish a plan that allows you to maximize space, and easily access items when you need them.

Careful consideration of how items are organized from the start can help ensure that you are able to efficiently manage and navigate through your unit in the future.  

Maximize Time and Space

  1. Manage Self StorageCategorize Your Items – Before moving items into your storage unit, develop a logical organization system based on the category of items being stored. For example, you might store all bedroom items together in one area, and documents in their own dedicated area.
  2. Take Advantage of Drawer Space – Utilize furniture, such as dressers and desks, for extra space. In lieu of packing additional boxes, drawers can be used to store clothing and smaller items, thus leaving space for more items in your unit.
  3. Establish a Logical Organization System – Place your items within the unit in a manner that allows you to easily access priority items. Create a center aisle that allows you to maneuver deep into the unit, and be sure to store the items you will need regularly towards the front for convenience.
  4. Utilize Vertical Space – Keep in mind that you are paying for unit space in cubic feet, which means that vertical space is as valuable as horizontal space. Stack sturdy items and containers on top of each other to maximize the number of items you can store in your unit.
  5. Document Your Items – Create a floor plan of your unit, detailing where each category of items is stored. You can also develop a numbering system for your items, and create inventory sheet for easy reference.

Making the Most of Self Storage

Whether you are using self storage for personal or business reasons, by taking the appropriate steps in advance to organize your self-storage unit, you can store more items, and improve your ability to efficiently access what you need, when you need it.

Have an organization tip to add? What system has worked best in managing your self-storage unit? Share with our community by leaving a comment below.

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    Number 5 is my favorite tip. Graph paper is perfect for a floor plan - just use one square on the graph for a square foot for more accurate planning.
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    Norm Kotoch
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    Great idea! Thanks for adding to the conversation.


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