The Great Spring Swap Out: Tips for Seasonal Self-Storage

Security Self Storage - Spring Swap OutSpring has sprung. It’s time to gear up for warmer weather and say goodbye to your winter belongings.

Having seasonal items cluttered throughout your home can get a bit overwhelming. But with self-storage, swapping out winter items for spring ones can be a piece of cake.

Make room in your home and garage for your patio furniture, grills and more with these tips for storing seasonal belongings.

How to Determine What Winter Items to Store

Before you can begin your great spring swap out, you must first determine what stays and what goes. Ask yourself questions, such as “Will I use this item in spring or summer?” If the answer is “rarely,” chances are it’s time to put it away for a while.

Some winter items to consider storing, include:

  • Holiday decorations.
  • Sleds.
  • Snow blowers and snow shovels.
  • Space heaters.
  • Winter apparel, such as gloves, hats, coats, scarves and boots.

Remember, not all winter items will need to go into storage. Blankets or fireplace tools are useful to have for the occasional chilly nights. 

What to Take Out of Storage for Spring and Summer

Once you figure out what to store, determine what you need to bring out of storage for the spring and summer. Items to consider include:

Don’t forget your motorcycles and boats that you stored all winter (as if you could)!

Consider making a list of all the items you swapped so the process will be easier next year.

Benefits of a Seasonal Storage Swap

With most self-storage facilities, you can swap your seasonal items out with ease. Other benefits include:

  • Extra room. No one likes clutter in their home – especially when it extends to garages, patios and yards. With self-storage, you never worry about trying to find space for everything
  • Climate-controlled units. Storing items in your basement or garage may affect your belongings over time. Extreme heat and humidity during the summer can cause damage. Look for a self-storage facility that offer climate-controlled units.
  • Flexibility: Many self-storage facilities provide multiple unit sizes and convenient times to access your unit.

Are you looking for a place to store your winter items? Visit our Ohio Storage Facilities page to check out our three locations. We offer flexible storing options with no long-term contracts … perfect for seasonal storage!


  1. Elsa Anderson's avatar
    Elsa Anderson
    | Permalink
    I have a lot of holiday decorations that I only get out once a year. They take up a lot of space in my home, so I want to find a better place to store them. That's why I like how you mention that one of the benefits of storing things in a storage facility is that you get the extra room and you never have to worry about trying to find space for everything.
  2. Norm Kotoch's avatar
    Norm Kotoch
    | Permalink
    I’m glad you found this post helpful, Elsa! Self-storage units can be extremely useful for seasonal items and give you the ability to swap out belongings as you please.

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