Halloween Decorations: Store Your Spooktacular Display

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This post was originally published on October 30, 2013.

It’s the season of ghosts and goblins, witches and werewolves. As your mind turns to tricks, treats and mountains of candy, be sure your house is the hit of the block. This means decorations, and lots of them!

Your choice of decorations makes a difference. They’re what make your house truly memorable in the eyes of children and adults alike. 

Once the holiday comes to a close, however, and you begin to plan for that great turkey meal ahead, you will need to decide where to store your decorations when the (fake) cobwebs come off. Below, we explore a few ways to keep items that bring ghoulish delight organized and ready for years to come.

1. Pack Like with Like

As with any move or pack, keep similiar items together to easily find them when you need them later. Place fake spiders with fake spiders, and the cobwebs they spin in storage containers or boxes.

Keep a separate box or bin for decoration staples, such as lights and other items that could be used seasonally or for a wider range of holidays. When you store, you’ll want to keep these items closer to the front, for easy access among all the other boxes.

2. Label, Label, Label

Think up a creative system to label your boxes and bins. Consider printing out and taping a pumpkin or ghost to all storage containers related to Halloween for quick identification.

Take marker to cardboard and write specific items on the boxes in list format to better inventory your items. Next to the pumpkin marker, this list will help you find exactly what you need next year.

3. Dedicate a Storage Space

Whether it’s under the stairs, in the attic, in a spare room or in a self-storage unit, select a space you can dedicate as a home for your decorations. This will keep your decorations separate from the rest of your belongings, making them easy to find and less bothersome when they’re not needed. 

If your home is smaller, or you’ve simply filled up room after room, consider an off-site storage facility to keep your items close by, but out of sight until next year’s great spook!

How did you decorate for Halloween this year? Let us know in the comment section below.

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