Holiday Storage: 4 Ways to Maximize Your At-Home Space

Self Storage for Holiday Organization

During the winter months, we seem to have a lot on our plates. Keeping the house clean and organized can be a chore in itself, whether preparing for family gatherings or making room for new toys.

With gifts, extra party supplies and holiday décor around the house, the clutter can start to build up quickly. It’s important to organize all of the items, and utilize additional storage if you need more room.

Here is a list of holiday items that we recommend keeping in a self-storage unit. By doing so, you’ll keep your home stress-free and holiday-ready.

1. Store Seasonal Seating

Folding tables and chairs are great to have on-hand, but tend to take up valuable storage space when not in use. These items usually don’t come out of storage unless you’re planning a large gathering. For most people, this happens mainly around the holidays.

Save space in your home storage areas for items that you need on a regular basis, and keep them off-site. It’s a great idea to use a self storage unit for all of your holiday items since you only need to access them once a year. So, why not add these extras to the list?

2. Hide Your Holiday Gifts

You might not necessarily think to store gifts off-site, but it’s an easy alternative if you don’t want curious children or a sneaky spouse finding them in your usual hiding spot.h

Be sure to choose a self storage facility with amenities that work for you. Climate control is important for any type of electronic device. High-tech security features and convenient access hours should be considered for retrieving gifts when needed.

3. Create a Space for Wine Collections

The holiday season is not only filled with fun and food, but also festive drinks. If you’re an avid collector of wine, you know that proper wine storage requires a great deal of space.

It’s important to store wine under the right conditions to facilitate the aging process. At-home storage or even a regular self storage unit might not be ideal. Check with your local facility to see if specialty wine storage is available, complete with temperature and humidity control.

4. Drop Off the Festive Décor

It’s back to the plastic boxes and bins for the holiday décor once the New Year arrives. Once you get your decorations properly packed, it’s simple to stash them away in a storage unit until the following holiday season. Even storing these few items can save a great deal of space (consider artificial Christmas trees and stands, ornaments, wreathes, outdoor lights and lawn decorations, to name just a few).

Save Space, and Stay Sane

There are endless possibilities when it comes to off-site storage, especially around the holidays. Take an opportunity to begin planning what you’ll store before the bustle begins. It’s easy to overfill your current storage areas, which can soon become an unorganized mess. By sticking to an off-site storage and organization plan, you’re sure to start your year off right.

How do you stay organized during the holiday season? Share your tips with us below!

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