How to Pack and Store Fragile Christmas Bulbs

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holiday bulb on treeThe glittery bulbs that decorate your Christmas tree are the ultimate holiday breakable. All it takes is one slip and—smash—your bulb has burst to pieces! With this in mind, it’s important to handle and store them with care.

Below, we share a few storage tips to keep your favorite tree trimmers organized and ready for the holidays each year.

Collect Containers To Store Ornaments

Throughout the year, note the shape and size of the containers you purchase or use. Consider if any can be repurposed. For example, your plastic apple containers or egg cartons might be the perfect size to hold holiday bulbs.

Pack with Extra Protection 

Pack ornaments with extra cushion to protect from damage. Consider the following materials to wrap bulbs in for additional support: 

  • Bubble wrap
  • Shredded newspaper
  • Tissue paper 

Group Like Ornaments Together 

Most trees are decorated with a specific ornament theme for a polished look. Store these like items together to keep your collections complete and to allow easier pre-trimming planning come December.

Store Ornaments Based on Need

There’s nothing worse than needing the one box at the bottom of the stack to begin decorating. As you store, think ahead, and pack with next year’s tree trimming process in mind. Place the items you will need first at the top of the stack, and order the rest of your ornaments accordingly. 

Label Containers to Quickly Find Favorites

Label each box to avoid confusion in the future. Be as specific as possible, and get creative! Write details on the side of the box to describe what’s inside, or take a picture and let a visual provide the full explanation. 

How do you store ornaments? Share your tips to keep ornaments in tact for years to come in the comment section below.

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