How to Pack Breakable Items for Your Next Move

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fragile item to depict breakable items that require special attention during the moving processWhen moving items from one place to another, breakables can bring a rise in blood pressure and added anxiety.

Marked with FRAGILE in all capital letters and red ink for emphasis, item safety will remain on the top of your mind until each box has made it to the final destination unharmed. 

Proper preparation and the right packing materials, however, can help keep your mind at ease.

Secure Sturdy Boxes

It all begins with a sturdy foundation. As you move or store, invest in boxes that will not burst or break at the seams. These boxes should be thick enough to hold a bit of extra weight. Some boxes come pre-made to hold fragile items, such as glasses. Look into what options are available before you begin packing.

Once you have the best boxes for your particular move, consider the following for successful transportation:

  • Do not pack boxes to capacity. Doing so could put unnecessary strain on box edges, or movers’ backs, and increase the risk of boxes breaking or being dropped because they are too heavy.
  • Do consider adding additional support to boxes. Use packing tape to secure edges or flaps that could come loose during the move.

Put Newspapers and Paper Towels to Use

Newspapers and paper towels can really come in handy during a move! Crumple a few news pages up to fill openings in glasses or gaps in boxes.

Wrap items loosely in paper to create additional air pockets and make small fragile items just a bit larger and sturdier.

Protect with a Burst of Bubbles

Add padding and an extra layer of protection with bubble wrap. When bubble wrap is paired with paper, items will be fully re-enforced and prepared for the journey ahead.

Consider purchasing bubble wrap with the largest bubbles you can find for the greatest amount of cushion and support. 

Fill Space with Micro Foam Sheets 

Foam sheets between dishes help prevent sliding during the move, which can allow for nicks and scratches as items shift. Keep some on hand as you pack up your kitchen supplies.

Acquire a Plethora of Peanuts

Once all items are wrapped, bubbled and separated with foam, place them in your boxes. Leave some space between items, but not much. Avoid filling boxes as full as you can for the reasons noted above.

Once all is set, fill boxes with packing peanuts. This will make them a bit lighter, and fill additional space. Leave no room for items to bump into one another and cause scrapes, scratches or unexpected shattering.   

How do you keep your breakables secure during a move? Share in the comment section below.

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