How to Pack, Organize and Store Holiday Decorations

Storing Holiday DecorationsThe holiday season seems to begin earlier each year, yet it always goes by with the blink of an eye. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and the winter holidays all jam-packed into the last few months of the year, the decorations can be plentiful, but your available storage space may be limited.

Christmas is the most popular decorating holiday, yielding not only inside décor, but also festive lighting, props and ornamentation to trim the outside of our homes. With seasonal adornments for the whole house, it can be difficult to find adequate, indoor storage space. In addition, we usually need access to the holiday decorations only a few months out of the year, which can make precious home storage space feel wasted.

Save Space with Self Storage

If you’re feeling the storage pinch once you have all of your holiday belongings packed away, consider storing your newly organized bins and boxes at a storage facility. With unit features like climate control and high-tech security, your belongings will stay safe, and you’ll be able to easily retrieve them at your leisure once the season rolls around next year.

Organizing Your Decorations

Whether you store at home or at a self-storage facility, implement the following tips to properly pack holiday decorations in order to maximize space, maintain organization and manage stress:

  1. Protect Your Décor

    Plastic bins with lids are a great way to store Christmas tree ornaments, lights and outdoor decorations. While cardboard boxes may be easier to come by, they are not water-resistant, and are easily crushable if excess weight sits on top.

    Department stores, like Target or Wal-Mart, usually sell bins for seasonal or decorative items, and will reduce the price once the holidays are over. For your best bargain, look for this kind of plastic storage bin in the clearance section post-holiday, and stock up while they’re cheap.

  2. Organize for Your Eyes

    It can be overwhelming to pull out the holiday boxes of decorations, open them up, and see big mess of red and green. Do yourself a favor for next year, and organize each box. It may take some extra time upfront, but once you establish a logical organization system, you’ll thank yourself next year

    Find several different sizes of plastic zip-top bags to individually store each string of lights, beads and other strands of tree garland to avoid tangles. Then, group the zip-top bags together in organized boxes.

    The easiest way to organize is with labels. Clearly indicate what’s inside of each box, so you can easily access what you need next year, without any extra headaches.

  3. Reuse Your Wrap

    We have all thought about carefully opening gifts to reuse the wrapping paper for another gift. Instead, you can put used wrapping paper to good use in other ways.

    Used Christmas giftwrap is a perfect packing component for storage. After your family has opened their gifts this holiday, collect all of the used paper, and save for post-holiday packing. Protect Christmas ornaments, cover fragile candles, wrap holiday plates and other glassware, and fill up excess space in storage bins to avoid shifting of contents.

De-Stress This Holiday

The winter season doesn’t have to be hectic. When things are organized and out-of-sight, your seasonal distress will also be out-of-mind, leaving you more time to enjoy friends, family and holiday cheer.

Happy holidays from Security Self Storage!

How do you stay organized to avoid the stresses of the holiday season?

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