How to Properly Pack & Store Fragile Glass

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This article was written by Matt Schexnayder, a member of the marketing team, and writer for the SpareFoot blog.

How to Properly Store Fragile GlassWith the holidays just around the corner, it’s about time we start looking forward to some of the great occasions that lie ahead. These special holiday events can involve some fragile items, such as china, glassware, decorations, ornaments and more.

If you’re the owner of glassware that warrants semi-permanent storage, then there is peace of mind to be found in proper packing and storage. If you have no room at home, a self-storage facility is an affordable alternative.

Follow the tips below to properly pack your precious belongings, and ensure your precious glassware items stay safe:

Choose the Right Size

Get plenty of sturdy, small- to medium-sized cardboard boxes. Forget large boxes, as they can become too heavy to carry, and their contents can shift too easily. If you can get a hold of boxes with dividers in them, even better. Also, check with your self storage facility to see if they offer moving solutions, such as trucks or materials, to save yourself the hassle of finding them elsewhere.

Wrap It Up

Next, you’ll need plenty of packing paper and packing tape. Wrap each item in at least two layers of packing paper, ensuring that you tuck some of the excess inside the hollow of the glass. Don’t just stick with the two-paper minimum—if you’re packing something of extreme value, use as much packing paper as you think you’ll need to protect it.

Stuff Empty Space

Line the bottom of your box with several layers of packing paper, and pack the heaviest items at the bottom of the box. Once the box is full, use extra packing paper to fill any spaces. Safe glass storage relies on a tightly packed box with no wiggle room. Seal each box tightly with packing tape, and be sure to label each box “fragile.”

Deck the Halls

Don’t be afraid to unpack and display your beautiful glassware pieces around the holidays. By using these tips, you’ll ensure that your glassware remains in pristine condition while in storage. Also, be sure to carefully load and unload your boxes while placing glass into storage—an important tip to remember no matter how well you pack it.

How do you store your fragile glass items safely?


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    Take the first glass and place it on the pile of newsprint. Wrap two sheets of newsprint around the glass, making sure you line the inside.

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