How to Spruce Up Your Yard for Summer

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The temperatures are rising and people are spending more time outside. You may want to start thinking about storing your winter gear and preparing your yard for outdoor activities.

Here are three tips to spruce up your yard for the summer.

1. Organize Your Shed

If you own a shed, it’s advised that you clean and organize it seasonally to keep the appropriate equipment where it’s easily accessible. Doing so will save you time and provide convenience. Follow these steps when re-organizing your shed for summer:

  • Empty your shed completely.
  • Clean it thoroughly, and check for unwelcomed animals or pests.  
  • Organize equipment by frequency of seasonal use.
  • House summer equipment (e.g., lawn mower, edger, garden tools) near the front.
  • Consider storing excess off-season equipment in a self-storage unit.

2. Tend to Your Lawn

A healthy lawn requires consistent care and maintenance to stay lush during the warm season. Here are some tips for proper lawn maintenance:

  • Aerate. Prod holes throughout your lawn every one to three years to allow oxygen, nutrients and water to penetrate grass roots.
  • Fertilize. Add nutrient-rich fertilizers with high nitrogen concentrations to soil, especially near roots.
  • Mow often. Keep grass at a healthy length (cut about one-third of your grass) to promote growth.
  • Prepare flowerbeds. Spread fresh organic matter across the flowerbeds to reduce weeds, enrich soil and retain moisture.
  • Remove thatch. Rake up decaying plant material (if it is thicker than one-half inch) to allow the sun and water to reach deep roots.
  • Water. Water your lawn once or twice a week to keep deep roots healthy.

3. Store Winter Equipment

Make room for your summer tools by storing winter equipment, such as snow blowers, shovels, holiday decorations and sleds. A self-storage unit is an easy way to reduce clutter, and keep your yard looking organized and healthy.

The best self-storage facilities for your winter equipment will offer these features:

  • A variety of unit sizes. Select a facility that offers a variety of storage unit sizes so you can choose the best size to accommodate your needs.
  • Climate-control. Ensure the facility provides climate-controlled units that protect gear, such as your snow blower, from rain or heat exposure.
  • Premium security. Opt for a facility where you know your valuables will be protected at all times.

What items are you looking to store over the summer? Share in the comment section below!

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