How to Store, Organize or Repurpose Your Wedding Gifts and Décor

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In 2014, the average wedding in the U.S. hosted 136 guests. An increased number of guests translates into more gifts and additional decorations for newlyweds to sort through.

To avoid clutter and stress after the wedding and unwrapping takes place, couples look for room to store their gifts and leftover wedding necessities, such as food, decorations and dresses.

If you find yourself in this predicament or are planning ahead for your wedding, consider these five tips to properly store your wedding gifts and décor.

1. Organize Your Belongings

After you’ve written thank you notes, think about ways to handle unwanted gifts and excess décor. Separate items by what to keep, sell, re-gift, donate or store away to reduce clutter and ensure easy cleaning.

The influx of gifts and leftover decorations can be overwhelming for newlyweds. Consider taking the following actions to alleviate some of the post-wedding stress:

  • Entrust a close friend or family member to help organize.
  • Gift caterers and wedding personnel with leftover beverages, food or flowers.
  • Hire professional services to organize your belongings.
  • List out every gift received and organize décor on paper.

2. Sell, Return and Exchange

Wedding expenses can rise quickly. To recoup from high costs, consider selling, returning or exchanging any unwanted gifts or decorations. Some ways to handle your necessities include:

  • Exchange unwanted items for home necessities.
  • List and sell items online.
  • Return gifts you may already have or don’t want.

Use savings from returns and sales toward items on your registry that were not fulfilled. 

3. Donate

Consider donating wedding necessities to benefit couples or organizations in need. Unwanted items can be donated to lower income communities or couples who are unable to afford a wedding. A few items to donate include:

  • Duplicate or unwanted gifts.
  • Leftover food.
  • Paper goods.
  • Reception favors.
  • Wedding decorations.

4. Re-gift or Repurpose  

Duplicates or unwanted items can also make excellent gifts for others. Use best judgment when re-gifting or repurposing items for others and consider these factors: 

  • If the gift was personalized. A personalized gift for you might not carry the same value or meaning to others.  
  • If the gift is suitable for the gift receiver. Consider the interests and desires of whomever you are re-gifting to.
  • The value and usefulness of the gift. If you were confused by a gift’s function or purpose, chances are, he or she will be, too.

Be sure to remove all cards or personalized aspects before re-gifting, and avoid re-gifting to another person in your social sphere to prevent issues. 

5. Utilize a Self-Storage Unit

Even if you don’t have room, gifts and leftover decorations may be useful to you in the future. Basements can be prone to flooding while attics often fluctuate in temperature, which could cause water or weather damage. Instead, consider renting a self-storage unit to prevent damage and preserve fragile wedding essentials.

Select an appropriately sized unit to accommodate items, such as:  

  • Bedding.
  • Candles.
  • Duplicate gifts.
  • Excess decorations.
  • Metal or stainless steel appliances.
  • Wedding dress, accessories and other attire.

These items should be stored in climate-controlled units to ensure they are kept in temperate conditions. For more expensive gifts and decorations, consider a self-storage facility with high-level security to further safeguard your assets. 

A self-storage unit can reduce clutter in your home with these creative ways to organize and repurpose your wedding necessities.

Are you recently married or getting married in the near future? What are some ways you could benefit from storing gifts and décor in a self-storage unit? Share in the comment section below!

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