Make Room for Your Bundle of Joy: Nursery Self Storage

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News of a pregnancy can cause much excitement. Yet, it also brings its fair share of preparation as you adjust your life to accommodate your growing family.

Babies require a lot of “stuff”—from an endless supply of onesies to boxes of diapers, and everything in between. They also grow out of things fast as they rapidly develop. In determining what you will need immediately post delivery, and shortly after, consider offsite storage for old room items, baby essentials and future family necessities.

Storage for Old Room Items

As you build a new room for your baby, you may find yourself with items that seemingly have no place to go. For example, perhaps that extra bedroom served as a storage area or second closet prior.

Not wanting to pitch these items into the trash, but not knowing where else to put them, offsite self storage offers a practical solution. Dependent on the material type, various considerations (such as temperature and humidity) will apply as you move these items to self storage. Read on for details:

Storage for Essential Baby Items

As you plan, prepare and decorate for your baby’s arrival, you may need a place to store all of the essentials you accumulate in the interim.

Cribs, chair swings, toys, diapers and more—as the items pile up, store them away until they have a place of their own in your baby’s newly finished and personalized room. 

Storage for Your Future Family

For those that like to plan ahead, self storage can help you prepare for your future family. As your child grows out of clothing or toys, it gives the space needed to save baby items from one pregnancy to the next, so you don’t have to repurchase later.

Also, in shopping, you may find items that you love for your baby, including bigger items like toys, that you know he or she won’t be able to use for a year or two. Self storage provides a place to store these items without fear that they will be broken, destroyed or misplaced before you need them. 

Final Thoughts 

Self storage can provide a variety of solutions to help keep your growing family organized during the transition. Store old room items, baby essentials or future childhood belongings in a safe place for when you need them most.

Expanding your family and in need of a place to store your items? Are there any additional items to store, as you make room for a new child? Let us know in the comment section below.

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