Moving Tips: How to Properly Pack and Store Wine

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For many, wine collections are a prized possession, which means bottles need extra care when transitioning them from one home to the next.

When moving to a new house, follow these tips to ensure the safety and longevity of your wine and champagne.

1. Take Inventory and Categorize 

The first step when packing wine and champagne for your move is to take inventory. Make a list of your existing collection, and organize bottles into categories. Some ways to consider sorting, include:

  • Brand.
  • Color (e.g. red, white, pink).
  • Region.
  • Size.
  • Varietal.

Categorizing your bottles prior to your move ensures no wine or champagne is lost along the way. Plus, it makes it easier to find that celebratory bottle once your move is complete!

2. Carefully Pack Bottles

Once you have taken inventory and categorized your collection appropriately, it’s time to start packing. Before you begin, there are a few tips you should keep in mind:

  • Ensure open bottles are properly sealed with corks or caps.
  • Wrap bottles in paper or bubble wrap before placing in boxes.
  • Be conscious of what you are packing. For example red and white wines should be placed upside down or on their sides, whereas champagne bottles should be packed upright.
  • Use boxes made for fragile glassware. Look for ones that are sturdy and have dividers to avoid bottles from clanking around during your move.
  • Heavily tape both the bottom and top of boxes.

Quick tip: If you need to ship bottles to your new home, do not pack ones that have already been opened.

3. Store Excess Wine

If you find you do not have room for your wine and champagne once you settle in at your new home, consider renting a self-storage facility. Self storage can provide your bottles with a safe home until you need them or find a place to put them.

When storing your wine and champagne, consider factors such as:

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