Newlywed Tip: How to Store China and Other Antiques

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Weddings are a celebration. Often, friends and family come together to honor a couple-to-be, and provide them with the gifts they may need for their new life together.

In favor of good luck and fortune, relatives may even pass down family treasures. In the form of precious china or antiques, items with sentimental value need to be handled with care. Below, we provide some tips to store these fragile items carefully. 

Store Fragile China

Take extra precaution with breakable china pieces and store them in hard plastic boxes instead of your typical cardboard box. This provides an extra layer of protection. Prior to putting your china into the box, wrap it in bubble wrap or tissue paper, and add a cushion of these materials between dish layers to avoid scratches.   

Preserve Antiques

Handle family heirlooms and antiques delicately to ensure proper preservation. Watch the temperature of your unit and adjust accordingly to keep items at a consistent climate. Consider a climate-controlled storage unit for peace of mind that your antiques will maintain their appearance and value for years to come.

Set pictures or mirrors vertically, possibly on a low-level shelf, to prevent them from accidentally breaking due to falls or people stepping on them.

Additional Precautions

Regardless of material type, a few extra precautions can help make self storage of your china and antiques a pleasant one.  

Prior to storing, make an itemized list with estimated values. This will help you keep track of where everything is at, as well as provide you with the information you need to purchase offsite storage insurance.

Also, watch your weights. China and antiques can be heavy, so plan your storage accordingly. Do not place too many heavy boxes on top of one another. This can cause the boxes to collapse under the weight and break your items, especially if you forego hard plastic boxes for cardboard ones.

Cover any exposed antiques or china to protect against dust. Blankets or plastic covers can assist in this effort to keep valuables preserved.

Lastly, clean everything prior to storage. Starting them off in peak condition assists in long-term preservation.

Do you have precious china or antiques you need to store? Any tips to add to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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