Newlyweds: Tips for Moving In Together

This post was originally published on July 20, 2015.

Two living room couches, two beds and more books, pots and pans than you can count—once you’ve said “I do,” it’s time to morph two lives into one and consolidate belongings. Below are a few tips to help you merge your collections.

Start with a Cleanse

Be honest with yourself. There is probably furniture or clothing that you secretly hate, or at least could live without. Make the move simpler by slimming down your inventory.

Go room by room, and pick out items you have no problem donating to your local Goodwillor Habitat for Humanity ReStore. For items that are broken beyond repair, consider tossing them in the trash.

1. List Items You’ll Keep

Once you’ve reduced the number of items to move, walk through each room and write down the belongings you want to keep. Categorize your list for quick planning by:

Have your partner do the same simultaneously at their place. With all items known, compare lists.  

2. Delete Duplicates

When you and your partner talk through your combined lists, there’s bound to be overlap. Now’s the time to decide, do we really need two blenders?

Have an honest discussion about what stays and what goes. Decide whose kitchen appliances or artwork you want to keep, and what will be sold, donated or stored

3. Consider Self Storage

There might not be enough room to keep everything you love in your consolidated space. For items that you just can’t part with, but that won’t fit in your new household, consider keeping them in a climate-controlled or standard self-storage unit. The type of unit you select will be based on each item’s unique set of storage needs, but either selection will give you and your partner extra time to decide what to do with these items long-term.

What steps did you and your spouse take when moving in together? Share in the comments below.

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