Organization and Storage Resolutions for a New Year

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New Year's Organization and StorageYear after year, “Get Organized” is one of the top New Year’s resolutions. The task of organization can be overwhelming; however, by mapping out a logical plan, you can tackle any task and stick to your New Year’s goals.

To properly organize, begin by segregating your organizational areas, taking on each task separately, and create an ongoing maintenance plan. Whether you vow to organize your whole home, office or simply one room, consider the following tips to stay encouraged, and keep your eye on the final goal.

Start Small

One of the first steps is to designate a specific area of a room you want to conquer. For example, it can be overwhelming if you plan to organize your entire basement. Instead, begin by limiting yourself (for now) to the laundry room within the basement. With a smaller area to focus on, you can wrap your head around the task at hand. 

Other ideas include: kitchen pantry, bedroom closet, office desk, children’s play area, a work area in the garage, etc.

Branch Out

Once you complete a smaller area of the room, stick with the same room, and tackle another small area. While it can be easy to divert your attention and move to a different room, you’ll feel even more accomplished if you expand and organize areas one by one until a single room is complete.

Tip: Think of each area as a zone. Number and prioritize the zones of each room, and stick to your schedule.

Keep It Clean

Establish a routine to maintain your newly organized areas. Make it a point to clean as you go, and put items back into their designated spots after use. In turn, this will allow you to uphold not only a clean and organized room, but also a clear, fresh mind.

Tip: Boxing up items you don’t need right away will help keep you on the right track, and maintain the progress you’ve already made.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Larger items like furniture, unused recreational equipment (maybe that treadmill from the previous year’s resolution) and boxes filled with unneeded items can be an eyesore—and distraction—to a newly decluttered room. Consider using a storage facility to keep these items, which provides easy access when you need it, and safely holds personal possessions when you can’t.

A Fresh Start

Take some time to set out a plan before you jump into a large project like organizing a room. By doing so, you’ll stay on track and achieve success in your New Year’s endeavor.

Happy New Year to all of our readers and customers, and cheers to a fresh, organized start!

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Do you plan on making organization a priority for 2012? How will you simplify the process?


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