Twitter Tips: A Guide to Packing, Moving & Self Storage

Twitter Storage TipsIf you’ve ever planned a move in the past, you know that any time- or stress-saving tips and tricks are welcomed. There is a wealth of information on packing, moving and storing in books, magazines and social media, but how do you collect it all in one spot to digest?

Twitter can be a quick and simple way to get a lot of digestible information on various topics. In fact, we share daily self storage, moving and packing tips on the Security Self Storage Twitter page. We’ve compiled some of our favorite Twitter tips in this post as a handy guide for your next move or organizational project.


Many people skip over this crucial step, and get right into packing. It’s important to thoroughly clean all of your belongings before packing them away for short- or long-term storage. Here are some of our favorite tips:

  • When tackling spring cleaning, start high in a room and finish low for a complete clean.
  • Wash blankets, and tuck dryer sheets in the folds to keep them smelling fresh in storage.
  • Remove tarnish from all silver items and carefully clean all jewelry before long-term storage.
  • Use a polish or wax on furniture and other pieces made of wood before storing to add an extra layer of protection.
  • Dry cleaning companies will wrap carpets and drapery in plastic after cleaning. Have them cleaned right before you move so they’re fresh and protected.


Once you’ve reached the packing stage, take note of frequent packing mistakes to avoid, and consider some tried-and-true tips for a simple process:

  • Invest in sturdy boxes and containers that will hold up during the move. Use ones that are uniform, which are easier to stack and organize.
  • As a rule, keep the contents of your boxes under 50 pounds to avoid injuries.
  • When packing up pots and pans, put a piece of cardboard in between items to prevent scratching and damage.
  • Place accessories for electronics, cords and remotes in a zip top bag, and tape to the device. You can also do the same with hardware for mirrors and frames.
  • Before taking apart and packing up electronics, photograph any complicated wiring to assist the reassembly process.
  • Use packing materials for fragile items that will provide proper cushion during transport.


When moving day arrives, it’s important to be organized to ensure a stress-free moving experience. Try out these tips we’ve shared with our Twitter followers:

  • Remove drawers to protect the finish and simplify lifting; taping dressers shut can harm the finish.
  • Wrap furniture legs and other valuable items with bubble wrap to prevent nicks and scratches during the moving process.
  • Keep an inventory list that accounts for your larger, "big-ticket" items and boxes.

And, if you’re selling your home:

  • Reduce clutter when staging your home by storing clunky furniture and excess belongings in a storage unit.


Self storage can provide homeowners, business owners, students and more with affordable solutions to help save space and reduce clutter. When using self storage, take the proper precautions to protect and organize your belongings.

  • When choosing a unit size, consider the amount of room you'll need to move around comfortably, and easily access items.
  • Plan out how you'll pack your storage unit before filling—boxes/items you won't need in back, most used items in front.
  • Create a catalog of the contents of your storage unit to stay organized.
  • Do not lay mirrors or artwork flat in your unit. Wrap each piece individually, and store upright to avoid damage.
  • When storing a piano, choose a climate-controlled unit— humidity and temp. changes can warp wood, and cause tuning damage.
  • Facilities do not insure your items. Ask about preferred insurance providers, or have your own set up a policy for you.

Tweets to Tackle Storage

If you have a Twitter account, check out the hashtags #selfstorage, #moving and #packing for more useful tips and tricks. And, don’t forget to follow Security Self Storage for daily tips, blog posts and more to get your daily dose of storage advice!

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  1. Austin Movers's avatar
    Austin Movers
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    Using bubble wrap is great for all of your delicate furniture and fragile accessories. Peanuts are great for boxes as well. Great tip!
  2. Atlanta Moving's avatar
    Atlanta Moving
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    "Invest in sturdy boxes and containers" - This is a great tip especially for your keepsakes and valuable items. When unpacking be careful as well to be sure nothing broke while in transit. Great article.

    ATL Movers
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    movers Nebraska
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    All these tips are indeed of great use and will certainly make any moving process a lot easier and less stressful. Most of us know that relocating is not an easy task. It comes with several demands and considerations. However, it can be a more fun and wholesome experience with the right techniques. You certainly have shared very useful tips in here. Thank you.
  4. Man and van Putney's avatar
    Man and van Putney
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    You certainly have shared very useful tips in here. Thank you.
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    Dave Anderson
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    I am moving and I want to store some furniture and other things in a storage unit until I fully move into my new house. I think that having a plan about how to store my things before actually putting them in the storage unit is a great idea. Also I agree that all the items that are going to be stored in the storage unit should be cleaned before storage.
  6. Norm Kotoch's avatar
    Norm Kotoch
    | Permalink
    Thanks for taking the time to read this post, Dave. I’m glad you found it helpful. Cleaning your belongings prior to storage is key to prolonging longevity.

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