Proper Packing and Storage Tips for the New Year

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Proper Packing and Storage TipsThe New Year offers a fresh start and the chance to map out resolutions to enhance our lives. One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to get organized. Whether you want to organize either your home or office, consider decluttering and packing up items for storage to create a less hectic, more peaceful environment.

We’ve created a quick, four-step plan that will help you properly organize, pack and store your belongings for a fresh start to 2013. Implement these packing and storage techniques from start to finish to stay organized year-round.

1. Prepare with Proper Supplies

It’s hard to start packing things away if you don’t have proper supplies on-hand. Gather your necessary supplies ahead of time. First, consider items you already have, such as plastic bins and boxes, furniture coverings, etc. Then, locate additional, budget-friendly materials, which you can sometimes find on-site at your storage facility.

Also, stock up on other packing essentials, such as scissors, box cutters, packing tape, permanent markers for labeling, packing paper, bubble wrap and labels.

2. Figure Out What Stays, and What Goes

It can be difficult, both mentally and physically, to take on a large task like organizing a whole house. Instead, tackle one room at a time by segmenting items to keep, sell or store.

Since storage solutions vary depending on what you store, consider your personal storage needs, including storage unit size and if your items require climate control, to figure out what is best for your needs.

3. Pack and Stack Your Boxes

Once you’ve reached the packing stage, avoid some common packing mistakes to ensure a smooth move for you and your belongings. It can be helpful to use uniform boxes so that stacking is easier and more organized. Label each box with a brief description of its contents so you won’t have to sort through them later to find an item.

Ask your storage facility manager about the amenities they offer, such as complimentary moving trucks. You’ll save both time and money, and eliminate added stress of locating a truck service. Lastly, when loading the vehicle, be sure to start with your heaviest boxes on the bottom, and stack lighter ones as you go.

4. Keep an Organized Unit

Don’t let the saying, “Out of sight, out of mind” be your mantra when it comes to storing items off-site. It can be extremely helpful to keep an organized unit, just as you would an at-home storage area.

Once you’ve unloaded your boxes, reload your storage unit in an organized fashion. Take the same stacking approach as mentioned for your moving vehicle—heaviest boxes and items at the bottom, with lighter ones on top.

Also, you can avoid frantically search for items at your house by creating a simple catalog of what you’re currently storing in a unit. Since your storage contents can change with the seasons, you can quickly pull this sheet out at any time for easy reference.

Resolve to Store This Year

It’s not too late to start your plan for an organized year. Off-site storage can free up a significant amount of space at your home, so you can reorganize, recharge and get back to a refreshing living environment. In the process, you’re sure to come across items that bring back old memories while creating space for new ones.

Are you resolving to get organized in 2013? What’s your secret? Share your tips with us below!


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