Pharmaceutical Sales Reps: 3 Ways a Self-Storage Solution is Just What the Doctor Ordered

pills in need of a self-storage solutionPills, pamphlets and product—boxed and ready to go for a variety of shipments, these items can pile up for the average pharmaceutical sales representative.

Varied contents can create a variety of storage requirements, and keeping these delicate items only in the hands of those that need them can be a concern.

Below, we outline a few ways self-storage addresses potential problems to prescribe successful inventory management. 

1. Room for Extra Supply

Boxes of all shapes and sizes hold samples, full-size prescriptions and the bottles that contain them.

With so many different items to keep track of, and that align with various stages of the average sales cycle, you might find yourself with a surplus of materials that are needed soon, but not right away.

If you’re an outside sales rep, in particular, these items could just be piling up in the back of your car. A better alternative is to keep them off-site so that they are close at hand for just the right moment.

2. Safety for Sensitive Materials

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has specific rules and regulations around proper storage techniques for known drug products. The full context can be read here, but below are a few highlights:

  • A formalized, written process on how your company receives, handles, stores, samples, tests and identifies sensitive material items.
  • Care taken to avoid cross-contamination of various material types.
  • Items should be bagged or boxed, and kept off the floor.
  • Items should be adequately labeled describing the contents they contain.

Items this sensitive in nature will not want to be misplaced. The Drug Enforcement Administration reports that between January 2010 and May 2013 there were 10,503 total thefts from pharmaceutical sellers, including practitioners, hospitals, and pharmacies.

Be sure to select a storage site for them that will keep them safe and secure, such as one with unit door alarms in place, so that you can forget the fear of items stolen for misuse.

3. Climate-Controlled Access for Specific Medical Needs

Read TTSPP labels thoroughly to know if any of the ingredients in your prescriptions require specific storage conditions. Temperature ranges should be listed to help you know precisely what ranges are acceptable.

Climate-controlled storage units are available to provide you with the exact conditions needed to store sensitive items. Just note the temperature and store without worry that products will be ruined through exposure to the wrong environment.

Pharmaceutical sales reps: what do you look for in a self-storage solution? Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Bobby Saint's avatar
    Bobby Saint
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    I totally agree with tip # 1 about considering having an extra room for storing extra supplies of your pharmaceutical products. This way, they are kept in a safe and secure place where the quality of the medicines would not be compromised. Plus, having a common "storage room" would give easy access to any pharmaceutical sales rep who may need to fill in his own stock. Thanks.

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