Self Storage Solutions for Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical StorageMany individuals and families use storage units for large or unused items around the home. In addition, they’re also ideal for a variety of businesses to store excess inventory, documents, restaurant supplies and more.

Self-storage units can be a convenient place for pharmaceutical sales companies and representatives to house inventory and samples, supplies, paperwork and equipment. Below, you’ll find a few important things to consider when choosing a storage facility for pharmaceutical storage:

Climate Control

A climate-controlled storage unit can ensure that your belongings stay safe and remain undamaged. This is especially important for pharmaceutical storage, as extreme changes in temperature can degrade potency or stability of many medications. In general, medications should be kept at room temperature, which can range from 50 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

High-Tech Security

It is essential for anyone choosing a storage unit to consider enhanced safety and security features. For pharmaceutical storage, make sure the facility is equipped with 24-hour surveillance cameras and ample lighting, and staffed with an on-site manager. Also, prevent drug theft with proper storage unit security with individual alarms and recessed cylinder and hardened steel disc locks.

Easy Access

Since pharmaceutical representatives tend to have busy schedules and travel frequently, it’s best to choose a storage facility that has convenient locations. Also, since it’s not uncommon to frequently return to the unit to retrieve samples and supplies for trips and meetings, unit accessibility is especially crucial. Look for a facility that’s either close to your home or office, and have convenient business hours that suit your needs.

Make Storage Work for Your Business

Self storage is a cost-effective alternative, offering a variety of premium solutions that can be a fit for any business. Many facilities often offer complimentary business perks for tenants, such as fully equipped business conference centers and delivery acceptance. Take advantage of these value-added features to help make your experience time- and cost-effective.

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Have you used a storage unit for your business? What features have you found to be the most beneficial?


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