Pool Toy Storage: Ways to Store for the Next Splash!

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pool floatsWarm temperatures mean more time spent in the pool. If you are a pool owner, you understand how much equipment and accessories come with it. Think: filters, covers, ladders, toys and floats. You might look at your supplies and think, “when did we accumulate 15 pool noodles?”

Clean up the clutter with these creative ideas to keep pool essentials stored away until the next splash.

Keep Tucked Away in Storage Bins 

During bad summer storms, loose pool toys can fly into neighbors’ yards, or even disappear for good. Storage bins are a great way to keep everything in one place and locked away. Different bin options exist for different items, including:

Kept in a storage bin, it’s easy to remember where everything is, as well as where it should go at the end of each swim.

Hang on Hooks or Racks 

If you have a smaller deck, a good option might be to hang your pool toys. Utilize fences, patio walls and pool siding to store your toys in a convenient place without sacrificing your deck floor. A couple of different options exist to hang simply: 

  • Use smaller bungee cords with loose netting. This creates a pocket against your wall and makes it easy to get toys in and out.
  • Hang nylon (holey) laundry bags. Smaller pool toys like arm floats and goggles are easily stored in these kinds of containers.
  • Create a basket made out of PVC pipes. Although it takes some handy work, you can customize the size you want depending on how much storage you need.

Mounting items on a wall saves deck space and provides an organized secure solution. There will be little worry of toys floating away in the wind. 

Take Advantage of Extra Shed Space

To offer the most protection for your pool toys from sun, weather and other outdoor forces, store them in your shed or garage. Stored here, you also have the ability to organize in a variety of different ways and keep pool supplies stored in one central location.

Consider Self-Storage 

If you don’t have a shed or your garage is too full, consider storing pool toys off-site during the cooler seasons. It reassures you that your belongings are safe, secure and nearby. A self-storage unit is a great place to store pool supplies, along with your outdoor patio furniture.

Top storage tip: Take time to evaluate each of your storage options to figure out what works best to keep all of your pool essentials conveniently stored and organized until next time.

Do you know of other pool toy storage techniques? Share with us in the comment section below. 

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