Prepare Your Motorcycle for Self-Storage

motorcycleThere’s nothing quite like a motorcycle ride with the open road, wind all around you and endless destination possibilities. 

But your bike wasn’t necessarily built to weather every season. As temperatures cool and ice and snow blanket the roadways, consider self-storage for your bike.

Below, we share a few tips to help make your motorcycle self-storage ready.

Fill Up the Tank

Before you store, fill up the tank. Condensation can form when tanks are left partially empty for long periods of time. This air-induced moisture can react with the remaining gas in the tank, and lead to plant-like growths and a clogged carburetor. 

Check the Oil

Old oil traps contaminants that can cause unforeseen damage to seals on your motorcycle. Make sure your oil is clean and filters are changed before you store. 

Remove the Battery (Or Store in Climate-Control)

Left too long in the cold, your motorcycle’s battery will die a slow death. To protect battery life, store in a warm climate—as close to 59 degrees Fahrenheit as possible. 

Treat Rust Spots Now

On painted or protected steel surfaces, rust can spread and increase in surface area, as the rusted metal expands and breaks through otherwise protected coatings.

If rust is currently present on your motorcycle, take care of it now. The Rust Doctor shares a few methods to remove rust, including:

  • Use of grinders, wire brushes or sand paper to physically remove rust from metallic surfaces.
  • Use of phosphoric acid to dissolve rusted parts.

Elevate Your Motorcycle’s Tire

In cold weather, tires lose pressure as air molecules slow down. Loss of air mixed with the weight of gravity can lead to deflated or damage tires.

Combat these effects with proactive support. Prop your motorcycle up on a crate or a sturdy bike rack to help distribute the weight better and take pressure off your tires.   

As an alternative, consider storing in a warmer climate, such as a climate-controlled storage unit to keep molecules moving and tires properly inflated year-round.

What do you love about motorcycles? Share your favorite reasons to ride in the comment section below.

Image Source: Maurice under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic


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