Self Storage for Parents: Making Room for Your New Addition

Nursery OrganizationPreparing for your new baby’s arrival doesn’t have to be hectic. The project of creating and setting up a peaceful, serene room for your baby may seem overwhelming, but it can be a fun and exciting experience if you have the right plan in place.

Whether you’re a first-time or experienced parent, consider the following tips to prepare a new room for your baby while minimizing stress and maximizing your excitement:

Safety First

One of the first steps is to designate a room for your baby to play and sleep (soundly, of course). Whether it’s transforming a guest room or office, or adapting a current bedroom into a newborn nook, it’s best to choose a spot that is easy to make safe and child-friendly.

Make sure that furniture edges are not sharp or potentially dangerous, and attach foam corners to pieces that are. Be aware of space that can pinch fingers. Also, invest in non-slip pads under rugs and lighter furniture items to avoid injuries.

Nursery Organization

If you decide to convert a room you currently use, be prepared to do some serious cleaning and organizing. Be sure to move regularly used or personal items to a new location to avoid disturbing the baby during nap or nighttime. And, certain items with sharp features, such as pens, pencils or paperclips in a previous office, can pose safety hazards, too.

Remove items reminiscent of the previous room’s purpose, and properly pack in labeled storage boxes. Minimize clutter to prevent future headaches, and maintain a tranquil vibe for both you and your baby.

Fill with Furniture

The final piece of the puzzle to an organized nursery is investing in essential furniture items, and positioning them in a way that segments the room by purpose. Here are some examples:

  1. Construct a changing station with a changing table and dresser, and stock with diapers, clothes and other necessary items.
  2. Create a soothing area for bedtime, with a crib, glider and easily accessible bookshelf stocked with books for story time.
  3. Dedicate a corner for playtime, concealing toys in a closed-lid toy box.

By doing so, you’ll equate each area of the room with an activity, making it feel balanced and harmonized.

Save Space with Self Storage

If you’re still feeling crammed with excess boxes and furniture even after you have all of your belongings packed away, consider storing the previous room’s contents, furniture and boxes at a self-storage facility. While some items can easily be stored in extra closet space, large or bulky items may be better stored off-site where they are safe until you need them again. Implement the “out of sight, out of mind” mentality to remain at ease with your new responsibilities.

Welcome Your New Addition in Style

Bringing home your bundle of joy doesn’t have to be chaotic. Give yourself ample time to plan accordingly, and take the process in stride. When things are organized and in place, you’re more likely to enjoy the whole experience, and feel confident that you’re welcoming home your newborn into a positive environment.

Are you a new parent? What has helped you to ease the preparation process?


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